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Recent Tasting Notes

Decided to give this a try since I like to stay on top of the different teas offered in the RTD space, and a “Sweet Tea Energy Drink” definitely is an interesting/commercial profile that I could see having a lot of appeal with a particular customer base…

Very classic “RTD Iced Tea” flavour in terms of a nondescript black tea with a hint of lemon. Think Nestea or Brisk. For a drink with no added sugar, I found this realllllyyyyy sweet tasting. Which, you know, it’s Southern Sweet Tea inspired so it’s definitely gonna be sweet and it’s crazy to assume otherwise. It was just more than it was the kind of lingering sweetness that feels sticky in the back of your throat. I didn’t much enjoy the taste on its own, but when I was drinking this while eating food (Indian street food in particular, in the moment) I thought it actually worked surprisingly well. Flavourful and with food in between sips that sweetness in the finish was cancelled out.

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