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A friend picked this up for me at the Ren Faire and I love it! The high note of this is the oolong, but I can taste a hint of something else that might be a green tea.

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This was a nice light tea to have tried from the travelling tea box. Not my favourite of all teas but it was a good tea to try and i enjoyed it quite a bit.

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Travelling Tea Box!

This tea wasn’t in the database as near as I can tell so I started a new thread. The company isn’t in here either. So first and first! No steeping instructions on the website so I went for a lower temp and my usual 3 mins.

This is a light tea. There’s a bit of floral notes in this, but nothing overpowering. I don’t totally taste ‘pomegranate’ but there is a fruity taste to this tea. This has a nice light gold colouring to is as well. I’m glad a have a bit more of this to play with later. :)

180 °F / 82 °C 3 min, 0 sec

I have been thinking about pomegranate, lately. Every time someone mentions being able to discern a particular essence, fragrance, or flavour in a tea, I wonder whether I’d be able to pick it out. I have eaten plenty of pomegranate, but I realised that I cannot really pinpoint the flavour, beyond a certain sweetness, tartness and juiciness. The other day, I ate the actual fruit. And what I discovered was that I still couldn’t say ah ha, so this is pomegranate. Even the fruit itself, in spite of being one of the best ones I’ve had, was still just a nebulous mixture of sweet, tart, and juicy. So weird! I can’t think of many (any?) other things with such an elusive flavour.

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