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drank Hibiscus by Adonis Spices
1818 tasting notes

I already wrote a tasting note about this one.
But not about camomile from the same company.

For simple reason. I haven’t tried them yet. And they are sitting here, for almost two years. Air-tight container; camomile with original metal closure. Never opened.

Now the question! Is anyone interested in this hibiscus, and (or) camomile from Adonis spices? I don’t see myself drinking them and I just don’t want to toss it out. I can send it for shipping only (around 10 USD across the ocean).

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drank Hibiscus by Adonis Spices
1818 tasting notes

Probably my very first time trying pure hibiscus. I asked for a local tea when doing r/snackexchange and received this brand of hibiscus and camomile. Hopefully both would be good. But what I will do with 100 g of pure chamomile, I have no idea. Same with similar amount of this.

I put about three small pinches into strainer, as there isn’t any steeping parameters on the package. I thought it isn’t much, but then I realised that hibiscus is quite specific ingredient, so I let it be this way.

I did even rather short steeping, it was somewhere between two and three minutes. Deep red colour, but clear liquor. Smells… interesting, somehow fruity. Tastes tart, but again a bit fruity. I see a reason why it is added in fruit teas.

Not sure how to rate this tea and how to process that much tea.

Flavors: Fruity, Tart

10 OZ / 300 ML
Mastress Alita

I like to cold steep plain hibiscus in lemonade; it makes it taste sort of like a strawberry or raspberry lemonade.

Martin Bednář

That sounds like an interesting idea indeed! I can give it a try. Thanks Mastress Alita


Yikes! That’s a lot of tea! If you like sleepytime-type blends, you could always get some lavender, mint, lemongrass, and other stuff and mix them together.

Martin Bednář

I geuss it will be needed to be used in those blends Leafhopper. Probably have to do my own blends. Yay or nay? That’s the question :)

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