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Nothing fits a One Piece binge like a fandom tea blend based on one of my favourite characters! This is a pleasant lemon tea but the lemon taste is blended with other flavours pretty well. The green chai part of the blend brings a nice warm spice to the lemon. So if you want a loud lemon flavour this probably won’t be for you.. but if you want more of a soft spicy lemon this might be a good one for you.

Flavors: Lemon, Spices

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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Strange VariaTEA TTB #38

Still working through some random “one cup left” samples from the TTB that I threw into my desk drawer at work. This one is…odd. While steeping, my office mate remarked that it smelled like the holidays! And it does…the cinnamon aroma is STRONG. But despite the scent, I barely taste the cinnamon. Honestly, I barely taste much of anything. It’s very smooth and slightly earthy with just a hint of that cinnamon coming through and maybe a bit of nuttiness. I don’t really pick up on the strawberry at all. It went down easy and certainly wasn’t unpleasant to drink, but I was expecting a lot more flavor based on the scent and the number of flavored teas included.

Flavors: Cinnamon, Earthy, Nutty

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 12 OZ / 354 ML

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I took today off work so I could just bindge Halloween movies and teas all day today, and the first on the list was Nightmare Before Christmas. There are so many Halloween movies I love, but this one is just deeply nostalgic for me. Bonus points that I had the perfect tea to pair with it…

Not typically the biggest fan of EG as I have stated many a times, but I do tend to like the flavour a lot more when combined with spices. So, the combo of brisk and citrusy bergamot with cozy sweet cinnamon and just a hint of almond? I don’t know how much I felt it paired with the movie itself, but I did enjoy the cuppa!

Tea Photo: (2nd Pic)

Song Pairing:

Realistically, though, I paired this with the entire soundtrack.

Also, I just wanna share what is still one of my all time favourite AMVs – I binge listen to this so hard during the month of October. It’s the Marilyn Manson cover of This is Halloween synced with clips from the anime Soul Eater. Even if you’ve never watched the anime, I feel like it’s an AMV anyone can appreciate. It’s so creepy, and the fact the creator was able to so perfectly find scenes to line up with all the lyrics has never stopped being impressive to me.

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Note to self: don’t oversteep this one. Let it go too long and it was like licking a black walnut shell. Honey didn’t help. However, properly attended, it’s a nice choc/vanilla blend.


One of those days that required heavy doses of Psalm 37:8 (do not be agitated…) And to cap it off, I lost one of my new favorite socks. How can one evaporate between the dryer and the sock drawer?


Check your writing chair, under the yoga pants!


Smart aleck! ;)


Heh heh

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Another treat that I probably wouldn’t have chosen for myself, but I think will be fun to play with. It’s a custom blend using Adagio’s Irish Breakfast, Vanilla, and Chocolate Chip teas. The dry leaf smells pastry-accurate in the bag.

Took some to work, so that means it really didn’t get a fair first run because (a) I wasn’t thinking about it very hard and (b) the first cup was accompanied by a pretty potent cup of cherry yogurt. However, I think the Ceylon teas in the blend give it the little sharpness you taste in the Boston Cream cream—a nice touch.

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drank Stan by Adagio Custom Blends
229 tasting notes


Its near the end of the ingredient list, but all I can taste or smell is clove! All the other ingredients looked so appealing.

Ugh, just ugh. At least the orange is imperceptible, so it doesn’t make me think of decomposing oranges.

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A unique blend. Good black base with fruity and chocolate notes. Wouldn’t say I would buy this but good to sample once.

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Nice golden color with a bright butterscotch flavor. My husband added some stevia and a little vanilla but I like it naked with just the tea. Although, a touch of vanilla is nice.

Flavors: Butterscotch, Creamy

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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drank Cactuar by Adagio Custom Blends
4191 tasting notes

From SkySamurai a while ago!  Thank you!  A single serving sample which is fun.  The ingredients are intriguing – spices on a green base and the cup is fairly tasty.  Spicy enough, but whatever flavor is here ends up tasting a bit like bubblegum (probably orange flavor).  I liked this cup but I REALLY liked their Citrus Mint Green which is similar but better.  The little guy Cactuar is from the Final Fantasy videogames which I have never played, though I wanted to, but I was a big Kingdom Hearts fan a while ago, and Kingdom Hearts sort of minimally combined with Final Fantasy.  I do miss videogames!  I really want to stock up on so many Adagio blends.  Looks like my tea spending for the year is complete if I didn’t order from Bird&Blend during the sale, so I’d like to pat myself on the back for only spending $57.20 on tea this year.  Pretty good!   
Steep #1 // 40 minutes after boiling // 1 minute steep
Steep #2 // 30 minutes after boiling // 2 min
2021 sipdowns: 154


Wow, that’s so awesome!

Mastress Alita

Nice job, tea-sipper!

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Very good blend of Chocolate, Raspberry, and Chai, just like the name indicates. The raspberry is stronger when the tea is hot, then as it cools, the chai spices come to the front more. This is a great tea to sit outside and sip while you watch the sun rise. Goes great with a splash of cream in it.

Flavors: Chocolate, Cinnamon, Ginger, Raspberry

200 °F / 93 °C 3 min, 0 sec 3 tsp 14 OZ / 414 ML

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T is for… Tea of Kindess!

I’ve been waiting for a good excuse to steep this tea up – it’s inspired by Ken, from the second Digimon series. He’s probably one of my favourite characters from any Digimon series, and if you were to treat the digi crests the same way that people do Hogwarts Houses then I would probably most identify with his crest – the Crest of Kindness.

I’ll save talking about whether or not that I think this blend is a good representation of his character for another time though – right now I just want to focus on the flavour of the blend. There is a lot going on, and when I was reading through the ingredients of the different blends it’s made up from I fully expected it to be a chaotic clusterfuck of either muddled or competing flavours.

So, I was pleasantly surprised to really enjoy the taste of this tea! Despite all the many things happening, the one flavour that really jumps to the top of the pile and makes itself known is the blackberry. It’s bright, it’s sweet, and it’s distinctly blackberry. I recognize it from some of the other blends I have from Adagio that are blackberry flavoured, and I’m realizing now that it’s probably one of my favourite flavourins they use.

Aside from that, I actually also tasted the cocoa a lot more than I had expected to, creating what was overall a really nice light but jammy and sweet medley of blackberry and chocolate flavours. I’ll be interested to see if that flavour can be recreated consistently, but I just thought this was delightful!

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A sample from SkySamurai!  Thanks so much!  The book I was reading kept mentioning Earl Grey today, so thought I’d try this.  It’s quite a mixture of things on a decaf black base: bergamot, lavender, strawberry, orange, lemon balm…  It’s quite a muddle, much like the Mad Hatter would prefer it!  For some reason the lavender seems green and raw to me, though I doubt that is even possible.  I don’t think this tastes anything like Adagio’s lavender earl blend.  The bergamot seems slightly different.  I can notice a bit of bergamot, orange, strawberry and lavender… but not sure if I like all of these flavors together. It’s a bit floral overall, maybe a bit soapy some of you are sometimes talking about.  I definitely can’t tell this is a decaf black.  It has enough flavor and isn’t drying but I’m starting to suspect that decaf black tea might be the most dehydrating of any teas.  The second steep is also tasty.  Might be a worthy iced tea.
Steep #1  // 23 minutes after boiling  // 2 minute steep
Steep #2  // just boiled //  3 minute steep
2021 sipdowns: 24 (This + Teavivre’s Lychee black)

Mastress Alita

I actually really love Adagio’s Lavender Earl Grey! One of my favs.


Yep, I love it too. :D

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This tea was just ok, orangy, creamy, with a hint of cranberry and vanilla. I do like a strong cup of tea, and when I brew this strong, it has a slightly burnt taste. As a dessert tea, it was adequate, but not so yummy that I’ll be purchasing again.

Flavors: Cranberry, Creamy, Orange, Vanilla


I never would have associated candy corn with cranberry, but it doesn’t sound bad!


Might be worth a try around Halloween :)

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…and the final tea I drank today!

This is also not strictly a Halloween blend, but I did watch all three of the Buffy The Vampire Slayer Halloween episodes today so it was too perfect of an oppertunity to not enjoy one of these BTVS fandom blends. This is probably the “most Halloween like” in terms of both the name and the character it’s inspired by: Anya, the vengeance demon.

I steeped it up very strong, so in terms of flavour it was very sharp and tangy with a really concentrated sour fruit punch-like flavour. Tropical leaning mango, but with a lot of hibiscus layered in there too. I drank it while eating Sour Patch Kids and Swedish Berries so it felt like a really good pairing of similar flavours. Just, everything dialed up to an extreme level. I guess sort of like Anya herself? I mean, she notoriously doesn’t have a filter. Anyway, I enjoyed the cup! Sort of wished I’d been drinking it cold, but what can you do?

Tea Photo: (10th Pic)

Song Pairing:

Okay, so in the strictest sense I didn’t pair this while drinking the tea because I was watching a TV show. However, I was listening to this while the tea was steeping. I think that kind of counts.

For those not familiar with Brian David Gilbert, he’s a fantastic internet creator who gained notoriety through his work on Polygon. Pretty much everything he creates is amazing, but a few years ago he created a bunch of Halloween themed parody music set to music by ABBA and The Bee Gees. It’s all amazing, and I recommend giving the full albums a listen to because they’re equal parts clever and fun. Perfect Halloween music!

This is my favourite song though – and the vampire inspo was too perfect as my “lead in music” to this BTVS mini binge.

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Finishing up a mug of this one currently…

I don’t usually drink my Buffy fandom teas unless I’ve watching Buffy, as I try to keep them as a special treat for that – but I am currently listening to the “Once More With Feeling” soundtrack so that seemed close enough!

I’m have to go through, at another point in time, what my perfect “Anya Tea” would actually taste like – she’s one of my favourite late series characters, but I haven’t spent a lot of time thinking about her tea blend. That’s maybe a weird sentence to say, but considering I’ve spent lots of time thinking about some of the other characters it does feel worth pointing out.

I’m not actually sure what this is supposed to taste like!? I saw a lot of different fruit pieces and black tea when I measured out my cup but the dry leaf didn’t really have a distinct aroma other than “kind of fruity” and the taste isn’t really any better – I don’t think I’d be able to describe it to someone as anything other than mildly fruity with tartness in the finish. Is it lemon? Hibiscus? Both? Something else!? I can’t quite put my finger on it.

I mean, I don’t dislike it – but a blend for someone as in your face and quirky as Anya should be a lot more distinct IMO. I’m gonna have to try it again, and also read the ingredients list/blender’s description. Maybe then I’ll be able to better place it…

Lexie Aleah

That soundtrack is so good haha

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Geek Steep S1E19 – Frankenstein (Novel)

I mentioned just now in my tasting note for BLT’s “Body & Soul” that I explored two different paths with my tea pairing for this novel – this was the first one, and arguably the most obvious choice as well: A Halloween themed tea.

By pure luck, I actually ended up getting my copy of the novel and an order of Halloween themed teas from Adagio on the same day so it was just fortuitous timing. However, since Frankstenstein’s monster is such a PROMINENT part of Halloween culture (despite there being no in novel tie in to Halloween at all) it just seemed like the most fun route with pairing would be to chose a Halloween tea. DT’s Monster Mash was something I considered (and ultimately what Marika chose!) but I kind of wanted something a little “heavier” and “darker” tasting.

I picked this one because it’s primarily Hojicha – something we know I have a soft spot fo. However, it also has roasted mate, black tea, and a very “red hot” cinnamon flavour that comes through super clearly and distinctly in the cup – creating this very roasted/toasty and comforting profile that not only feels like Halloween in a cup but also like an Autumnal hug, but with backbone. It’s also the first Pumpkin Seed blend I’ve ever seen and I just think that’s such a cool concept and I love it way more than all the generic Pumpkin Spice profiles that pop up around October. Yes, this is spiced, but it’s more about the roasted quality of the mix of base teas.

Ironically, if you disregard the fandom blend I included in our “Top Teas of 2020” holiday special, this is the FIRST fan blend from Adagio to be featured on the podcast – and it’s not even a fandom blend in the sense that it’s inspired by a TV show/movie/comic/etc. I just think it’s funny that Adagio is the company probably most well known for their fandom teas and not only did we wait until the penultimate episode of the first season to feature one but we also didn’t really feature one that highlights what they typically represent…

Ultimately I did really like this pairing though, and it feels like the best way to approach Frankenstein using a flavoured tea to me. However, I preferred my other pairing and if I was going to reread the novel I would be more likely to choose something similar to Body & Soul than I would be to repeat this one.

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This sounds so good! I’m not a huge fan of pumpkin spice flavors but I like other pumpkin things so I may have to look into this one

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additional notes: I forgot to write a note for this when I finished it on the perfect hot day a few days ago (I was waiting for a perfect hot day to finish this since last year!) If you want a perfect MOJITO tea in the cupboard, this is the one to go with! I love the perfect balance of citrus and mint on the refreshing green base. I really want to have this one around. Maybe in a future adagio order. There are a handful of teas I’d really like to get from adagio. On a roll with sipdowns lately but they have mostly been favorite teas!

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This one is thanks to SkySamurai!  One of the extras used as bubblewrap packaging. :D  Turns out, I LOVE THIS.  Whoa.  It looked like there would be too much in the sample for my mug, but it was perfect.  It tastes like a mojito.  Spearmint and citrus.  All kinds of citrus.  A great balance on a green base.  It’s very refreshing.  I’m glad I have a second sample.  I’m saving it for summer.  I wouldn’t mind stocking up on this as a mojito type of flavor.  The only other one I can think of is Bird and Blend’s.
Steep #1 // 40 minutes after boiling // 2 minute steep
Steep #2 // 35 minutes after boiling // 3 min

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Geek Steep S2E16 – Harry Potter & The Philosopher’s Stone

We had a lovely midseason break, but we’re back! And very excited to immediately dive back into more and more fandom discussions – this week (well, last week – I’m a week behind posting) week with our friend and coworker Celia as we dive into this suuuppppeeeerrrr viewer requested fandom!

I have no shortage of Harry Potter inspired teas so choosing which ones to focus on for this episode was incredibly challenging because, well, it’s not realistic at all to pair TWELVE teas with one movie. This is the one I chose for our recording though because I felt confident it would be very different from any other tea that anyone would have selected.

Truthfully, I don’t like this tea very much. As I described in our episode this week, the really tart and sharp citrus and hibiscus notes feel in so competition with the more malty English Breakfast style black tea. However, the weird unnatural pairing of these flavours just kind of feels right? It’s not a tasty tea but it’s killing the story that it’s conveying.

Like… for a horcrux tea to taste cohesive and natural would go against the nature of what’s it’s inspired by. Drinking something unnatural like this is putting me in the exact right mood for the inspo…

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This was my second tea of the morning.

I didn’t love my first mug of Polo with The Prince, which is lemon/strawberry, so I decided to “switch things up”, I still didn’t know what I was in the mood for, but I decided it wasn’t citrus. Unfortunately, I didn’t look up the ingredients of this tea beforehand – I just saw the tin on my desk with all the other Adagio fan blends and I hadn’t tried it yet. I thought to myself… “Horcux, that must be kind of dark tasting, right?”.

Well, you know what flavour Horcrux is? Fucking lemon.

I mean, it’s not just lemon – it’s actually probably more hibiscus than anything else, but a kind of tart and drying hibiscus combined with shrill lemon and a bit of pucker inducing orange as well. Very fruity/citrus, which was the one thing I had established I wasn’t in the mood for. I actually don’t think the flavour was bad – probably would be great chilled or with a bit of honey or agave. It’s just not what I wanted.

Took a while to finish the mug.

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This was the Community tea sample for 1/1/21. I didn’t write notes as I sipped. I was out camping and away from my computer and the phone is such a trying way to post tea notes. I really liked this tea. I didn’t get any puerh flavor, but what I got was dead on for gingerbread. It was really smooth and easy to drink. This is one I could see ordering.

205 °F / 96 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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I got this tea sample as an add on in my advent swap with SkySamurai, thanks!
There’s a lot going on in this tea, and not surprisingly it’s a blend of three different teas. The vanilla and chocolate flavors are subtle and not artificial tasting. There is enough spice to keep things interesting. I did two steeps and the dark chocolate was more pronounced in the first, but not bitter. The vanilla is coming through more in the second steep, along with the chai spices. A nice enjoyable warming cup that I might not need in my cupboard but I’d be tempted to add to an order.

Flavors: Cardamom, Chocolate, Cinnamon, Clove, Mint, Vanilla

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Didn’t realize until just now but I must have been craving strawberries this week because I had this one on the weekend and it was the sweet strawberry aroma coming off the dry leaf that attracted me to the sample. Thankfully, despite my not timing the steep, it didn’t come off as bitter – I need to be better watching for that with Adagio’s black teas. The taste was a bit artificial/fake tasting, but still a pretty nice strawberries and cream black tea. Hot the spot in terms of cravings.

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