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Another tea infused beer that I found – this one is made with “Apricot Tea”.

I do wish there was more clarity on what exactly that is; is this herbal? Is there a tea base? If there’s a base, what base is it!?

I was pleasantly surprised though – I’m not a huge beer person, as I’ve expressed before I basically only drink Radlers and Stouts, but I do like the concept of tea beers so I try every one that I come across. In general this doesn’t sound like it should be my thing but I actually liked it a lot. It’s pretty sweet and bright and it reminds me of a Radler for those same reasons – it does taste like apricot, and it has a pleasant sourness to it as well. I actually finished the can pretty quickly – with most of these tea beers I end up nursing them for quite a while, typically.

Now, does it remind me of tea!? Well, as I said it did taste like apricot – but I didn’t really get anything that reminds me of actual tea from the Camellia Sinensis plant. So my hunch, since it’s not clarified, would be that this is made from some kind of apricot tisane!? That or the tea just doesn’t come through noticeably.

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