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Assam-like, but less strong, less malty, and with a lighter color in the cup.
Despite being labeled as broken, there are larger leaf fragments (up to 1cm), and a touch of green remains in some leaves.
Given the appearance, I was hoping for more flowery notes, but could not detect much of that.

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A very typical, strong, second flush darjeeling. It is selected from possible different gardens each year to have a constant flavor without any special “garden-aroma” like muscatel, extra-flowery, …

Therefore it is a good introductory tea to start an exploration into 2nd flush darjeeling nuances.

Has a strong enough flavor to go alongside some food (breadrolls or cookies, not a barbecue) without the aroma getting completely overshadowed.

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Still my overall favorite. This is the tea where, on tasting the first cup, or even just catching the fragrance during steeping, or even just watching the leaves unfurl in a glass teapot, I most often get that “all the problems in the world just vanished” feeling.

I can’t figure out why the aroma is often described as “like fresh bread”, though I have to admit that I lack the words to describe it. Certainly flowery, but there’s this special summer-oolong taste that for me is without equal.

A nice thing about this tea is that it does not care about water quality (as long as it is boiled) or how long you steep it – it’s a true “self-drinker”.

I’ve not tried multiple steepings yet.

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This used to be my favorite tea while studying computer science in Berlin. Rather expensive for a student, so I saved money and only bought it on special occasions.
To my delight, I discovered that the tea is still available more than 20 years later.

It is a blend, and the taste is mostly 2nd flush Darjeeling, with very noticeable flowery Formosa Oolong notes. The Assam note is very light – it just adds some background aroma.

All in all, the taste is not as intensive as I remember it from long ago – as if the Oolong amount has been reduced somewhat. Of course, I now drink better quality teas than in student times, so maybe it suffers somewhat in comparison. Still a really good black tea.

Edit: found an old price list from the late eighties, and there this blend is described as “finest Darjeeling, Fancy Oolong and Kenya” – so the blend has definitely changed in that the Kenya was exchanged for Assam.

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Programmer running on tea.

“Tea is delicious, practical alchemy. You take nasty, dry stuff, add flavorless stuff, and end up with liquid magic.” – Jaym Gates


Hannover, Germany



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