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Sipdown! (203)

I’m drinking this with my resteep of LB Chocolate Genmaicha (separate cups). It’s tasty. I enjoyed it but am in no rush to re-order. It seems like I enjoy these more in the Fall.

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And thankfully, this is NOT a sipdown. I only need 4 more in the next two days — I should be able to do that without trying! So this is a reward tea. <3

I’m trying to decide if I should grab another oz of this in our joint order!


I kinda thing you could almost just get cacao + LB…. Sure you’d miss out on he the rice…but how much does it add….


That’s not a bad suggestion!

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Sipdown! (204)

I don’t know about this one. It’s just too weird a flavour for me. It was fun as a novelty latte, but I don’t think I’d ever want to buy it when there are other flavours I love so much more!


this just sounds… weird. ;-)

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This was so freaking amazing. Thank you Sil! (207)

I boiled a little bit of water and mixed it with the matcha so that it was nice and smooth, and then filled my cup with milk. It was so amazingly delicious that I drank the entire cup while waiting for my other tea to steep.

Strawberry milk!


Oh I want! what was the flavouring level, do you know?


Should have been distinctive if I remember right


I has this at delicate level and it is still really good.


Yeah, it was distinctive! I will have to get more at some point. I FINALLY placed my first order for matcha so I can get into the reviews cycle. :D


I ordered some of this last week! Sounds so good! :)

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drank Après la pluie by George Cannon
1598 tasting notes

Another one from Sil (206)

I only need 6 more sipdowns in the next two days! HOLY MOLY. I’m totally amazed.

And this puerh is rather good. It’s very earthy but I can taste a little bit of sweetness to it. It makes me think of caramel more than vanilla fruitiness, but it’s still good. I wouldn’t crave this often, but it’s a tasty.



I think I need 15 or something over today/tomorrow ll

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drank Cool Cucumber by DAVIDsTEA
1598 tasting notes

My throat is sore, but this tea is refreshing and cooling, even while it’s warm. It’s good. Totally good. This Spring collection has been much better than the previous collections, but sadly that doesn’t say much.


Oh no. Hope your throat feels better soon!


I had mine yesterday with a sore throat too.

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It’s ok. It wasn’t memorable. What a shame.
Maybe Sil and Terri will enjoy it more!

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I just love Hugo Teas. I haven’t been disappointed by any of them. They just really know how to do straight black tea blends so well!

They might be awesome for other teas too; I’ve only had their black teas. OMG.

I’m celebrating hitting 210 with this cup. It’s a cup I can savour and enjoy; steep and resteep. I’m not drinking it because it’s in a ziplock bag that’s taking up room, or because I want to decrease my cupboard. I’m drinking it because it’s a vibrant and flavourful tea that feels like an appropriate reward for dropping my cupboard down 35 teas since the 19th and the *Sil*pocalypse.

Now that my cupboard is physically smaller (less fiddly bags around) I’m no longer in sipdown mode. I’ll try and focus on drinking some of my older teas now – I have 7 teas that will be in my cupboard for 1 year in the next two months, and it’s time to drink them to keep things fresh! (Except for Tardis. I still have 3 .5/6oz of that and I doubt it’s going anywhere fast. Mmmmm… Tardis.)

205 °F / 96 °C 4 min, 0 sec

haha go you!




Sil pocalypse. LOL that’s funny – appropriate but funny. Good job on getting down to 210!!!


Thanks guys. :D

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I added milk to this today and it just made it super creamy and rich and hazelnutty.

I’m also totally skipping work today bc our bear is sick (AGAIN) and I was going to work from home but she got me sick and now she’s watching Despicable Me 2 and crawling into a blanket fort and I’m sipping tea and using two laptops at the same time so I can scroll the tumblrs, and watch SPN and keep up on Steepster but my brain can’t handle it all.

Time for another cup.

I’m at 210 teas!!!!


awesome! your box is filling up again here bwahahaha


(That’s ok. Those tiny little samples are the best for work. Then all my tins can stay here)

I wish I had more to send your way but I don’t buy from as many different places that you do. And then when I do get something neat and different, Terry or someone else does too! (Like the Hugo teas)


hahahaha it’s all good! sharing is caring! Mostly i’m just trying to work through my puerhs now for you :)

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