In 2004 Čaj Chai, pronounced [Chai Chai], opened Barcelona’s first specialized teahouse dedicated to importing, selling and serving the finest gourmet tea and artisan accessories. Čaj Chai also provides personalized service as a tea wholesale distributor catering to the Spanish hotel and restaurant sector, providing tea training for proper tea service and preparation.

Our name, Čaj Chai, and style of ou
r teahouse is inspired by Prague’s Bohemian tearooms but set in the heart of Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter. We place importance on tea culture, terroir, the art of recollection and harvest, traditional handmade production and proper tea preparation. We look towards the ancient craft and do our best to keep it alive by sharing our passion with those who want to discover more about the world of tea.

In a relaxed atmosphere, the trained staff at Čaj Chai is dedicated to satisfying our customer friends by offering attentive service and guidance. We also impart tea workshops, tastings and events periodically. Each season brings a partial renovation of our tea list… New teas to discover, new harvests, but always with the same dedication towards the traditional leaf. You can follow and participate parallelly through our Blog or the Caj Chai Teahouse Facebook Fan Page.

All our teas are prepared using fresh quality teas, taking care to use purified water (using the reverse osmosis method) and always respecting each tea’s proper temperature and steeping time. We prepare tea according to tradition using accessories from the country of origin. Drinking tea in this manner allows us to travel to remote places, relive experiences or imagine special moments to come.

We offer an extensive tea list with between 100 and 125 varieties of tea and herbal tea that are hard to find in the rest of Spain and are specially imported from China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Nepal, India etc. Tea can be accompanied by traditional Japanese, Arab or Indian pastries etc, as well as a variety of ice teas and homemade sorbets for the hot summer months. Special services include Gong Fu Cha tea service and Chanoyu Matcha tea preparation.

Customers may also purchase any of our teas or tea products, as well as yixing teapots, gaiwans, Japanese or Korean teapots and a wide range of handmade tea accessories for preparing delicious tea at home. Since 2012 you can also purchase them directly at our shop online.


Barcelona, Spain


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