The “witty” tea tag and silly tin failed to distract me from the fact that this black tea was mediocre at best. It reminded me of those motel room tea bags of non-specific origin. Sure they’re tea, but they’re the tea nobody else is willing to use.

Still, this one got a few points for not being horrible. And maybe there was something amiss with the sample I received. If I try this one again and find that I was wrong, I’ll revisit my review.

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Tea Bio: I love tea, but I’m something of a tea snob. I don’t always know how to articulate what it is I like about the teas I prefer, but I know that I like them. I have a fondness for really cheap iced teas… much like my love for diner coffee, but when it comes to hot tea, it just has to be a good quality tea.

I don’t like milk/cream/soy milk in my teas. Any of them. And that not only includes Earl Grey, but goes especially for it.


anchorage, alaska



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