Upon first sniff, I’m not fond of Teavana’s Frutto Bianco Pearls White Tea. It smells too similar to Hawaiian Punch– sickly sweet and kind of stinky like over-ripe fruit. I dislike Hawaiian Punch. I disliked it as a kid, and I dislike it even more as an adult. But, if you can get over the smell (or for some reason you actually like Hawaiian Punch) I think you’ll like this tea. It’s like a tropical island in a mug!

The candied papaya and pineapple are the two flavors that stick out to me, but this blend also includes: creamy coconut chips, kiwi, lemongrass, lemon peels, and hand-rolled white tea pearls (“from paradise” Teavana’s website notes!)

I’ve gone back and forth about trying this with sugar, but ultimately decided it tasted just fine unsweetened. I love the fruity aftertaste it creates in my mouth. Sometimes the aftertaste seems sweet, although that could just be my imagination. Also, I’ve never had this tea in summer when tropical flavors are appropriate. I’ve only had it in the winter. It reminds me this world isn’t grey, snowy, and cold all the time– just most of the time (here in Michigan, I mean).

Bottom Line, Frutto Bianco Pearls is like Hawaiian Punch for adults. And no, I don’t mean spiked with booze. It’s a pleasant beverage, hot or cold, when I’m not fiending for caffeine.

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Hi! My name is Jackie. I embarked on my tea journey back in 2009, when I received a shiny red stovetop kettle and a box of Celestial Seasonings fruit teas for Christmas. The real adventuring didn’t begin until 2018 though when maternity leave left me craving community and warm, lower caffeinated drinks. I’ve been photographing and writing and filming videos about tea ever since.

I sip “straight teas” and “fanciful, flavored teas” equally. And while I prefer gongfucha, the convenience of steeping in a cup with a basket infuser wins most days for this working mom.

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