8g in the 10g bag, meh. So much for two 5g sessions… threw it all in my porcelain.

Curious. Tasty. Aroma from the wet leaf is so distinctly high mountain Taiwan floral, and becomes herbaceous later on. Scent of honey and (I’d agree with MST’s note of) candied plums off the liquor. Taste is soft and fleeting, difficult to pin down but with notes of honey and fruit tree flowers. The color does brew up young sheng-golden, and has some bitterness.

I thought I’d be delighting more in this oolong/sheng crossover album, but I find myself feeling instead like it’s a bit non-committal. Perhaps just young. I don’t suppose I’d keep drinking it now, but maybe it’d be interesting to check on in a few years.

Flavors: Bitter, Floral, Fruit Tree Flowers, Herbaceous, Honey, Plum, Soft

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