I drank this tea yesterday for the third time. I quite enjoy it, though — as I am finding with every Red Blossom tea I’ve tried — most every scent and flavor note I discern is very subtle. To be honest, this doesn’t thrill me when I’m in the headspace of “tasting.“ It does, though, make for a really lovely and clean cup of tea when I just want to have a nice experience, and that’s what yesterday was — a really nice, enjoyable tea session. Here are my tasting notes from my first two sessions, where I my brain was turned up to 11, and I was really trying to suss out every flavor I could find:

I think this session was about 2g/oz:
First steep was custard, butter, caramel, vanilla… it’s all subtle though.

I over-steeped the second, but still had nice floral notes with some astringency. Mostly florality in the following steeps; the creaminess really didn’t seem to last past the first go.

The second was a 3-4g/oz brew, as an experiment to see if the subtlety would persist, or if the flavors would become bolder…

First steep is creamy, with notes of spinach… very smooth.

Floral scent wafting off the light cornsilk-colored liquor. Tastes of dewy grass, and the creamy mouthfeel persists. Strawberry on the nose… that was a surprise.

More florality in the third. Vanilla.

Fourth… white floral, grass, and now some astringency coming through.

I don’t remember exactly how many steps I got out of this, but any subsequent cups didn’t really yield anything new in terms of flavor.

Flavors: Astringent, Butter, Caramel, Creamy, Custard, Floral, Grass, Spinach, Strawberry, Vanilla

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