364 Tasting Notes

drank Paris by Harney & Sons
364 tasting notes

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I’m having sheng frustration lately. Not sure if Life or tea or parameters or my own clumsy energy knocking things sideways.

It’s like I can tell this is a good tea, but I can’t quite get to it, or it get to me, or something.

This session prompted me to crack open all my little sample bags stored within larger zip bags, add pouch buttons and zip up the larger bags (no “samples” crock yet, haha). Hopefully some oxygen and humidity, some time, some of my knots undone… will let us meet.

Practicing patience.

Flavors: Barnyard, Smoke, Tobacco

2 min, 30 sec
Marshall Weber

I definitely notice periods where certain teas don’t resonate as well with me as usual. Hopefully it’s a fleeting feeling :).


I sure hope so. I’ve got way too many good leaves waiting on me!

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Spicy, malty, fruity. Beautiful little packages. I prefer to lean a little lighter and less spicy where rose is concerned, but these have a black (tea) heartiness to them that is quite satisfying. Seems like a good autumn/winter companion.

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Smooth and rather nondescript. I don’t get molasses, though it’s a pleasant cuppa. This is a shou I would be tempted to add herbs or flowers to, as I think it would make a nice canvas for other flavors to play on.

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I’m not sure I concur with LP’s “burly” assessment, but I concede it could be my present mind/body/surround-state. I will save the rest for further-future visits. For now, it is a bit smoky and I do enjoy what I’m getting from it. I wouldn’t necessarily call it bitter or sweet, but there is a lot to find here and I can at least generically say it’s good. I do wish it had a bit more longevity, but eh.

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A less-forgiving sticky rice shu than some. Started with a light umami/fishy quality off the long rinse, which — combined with the sticky rice notes — I actually kind of enjoyed. Reminded me a little of inari. The tuo broke down really fast into crumbs, though, and the next couple flash steeps were papery-bitter. By that time, the sweet sticky rice fragrance had substantially faded. This tea outruns itself in the gong fu setting; I’ll try it western next time.

Flavors: Bitter, Fishy, Paper, Sticky Rice, Umami

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