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Moist topsoil, dry dust, tiny bit of barnyard. Some sweetness on later steeps as they cool. Uncomplicated and comforting, though I wouldn’t buy more. From an LP hookup.

Flavors: Barnyard, Dust, Soil

0 OZ / 0 ML

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Holy shit, derk. Thank you. This is everything.

Bowled. This tea… this is where I resonate. My tea. I didn’t take a single note and just sat there transfixed (and muttering expletives).

How the hell is this a GABA? As if my mind wasn’t reeling enough. “I don’t like GABAs,” she says.

It doesn’t sound like this is going to be available any more… I don’t know what to do with that. I have enough for one more bowl. Maybe I’ll take better notes next time; maybe I’ll just be.

Flavors: Butter, Campfire, Caramel, Cedar, Dried Fruit, Floral, Leather, Peanut, Perfume, Pine, Resin, Tobacco, Vanilla


Derk is so awesome. I am really glad you had a great tea experience.

Marshall Weber

Dang those tasting notes sound epic! Too bad it isn’t available anymore :(


I can’t even. I’m probably going to message FL and see what, if anything, is adjacent. I am enjoying my puerh journey, but my heart will likely always be with these soul-shattering oolongs.

Martin Bednář

Only one Lala Shan I found is this one, but not Hong Shui: https://jingtea.com/tea-type/lala-shan


Thanks, Martin! Might be fun to explore the mountain in other ways.

Marshall Weber

I also am enjoying puerh, but agree that it hasn’t blown my socks off like some other teas. I’m sure I’m just looking for the right one :). Good luck trying to find a similar oolong!


After trying this tea once, I knew it was for you, beerandbeancurd. GABA be damned. Sad it’s sold out. This tea is phenomenal.


Color me impressed. My heart.

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First session with a sample from derk. Thank you for sharing this incredibly-much-yapped-about little bugger.

I have to first admit that LP did a big ol’ drop a couple days ago, and I blind-bought a cake of this. I’m not sure how I feel about that decision now, though I think overall I’m looking forward to having more time to explore it.

After doing some digging, I understand it’s a blend (so each chunk is a bit unpredictable); I understand both bamboo and (preferable) paper tongs were produced; I understand that different storages via different vendors are already having a pronounced effect on these cakes. I feel lucky that mine will be a paper tong from Taiwan storage.

The big takeaway is supposedly medicinal cherry, and I honestly picked up none of that during my session. I got apricot, I got crisp astringency. It actually reminded me a LOT of the little Teavivre sample I had yesterday — though I (ironically?) got cherry right off the bat from that one.

Qi, eh. I was post-workout and feeling kind of buzzy/relaxed anyway, so I’ll reserve judgment there.

Since I knew I had more of this coming, I just wanted to sort of sit and get a general feel for the thing. I am of a mixed mind at the moment; I probably would not have sprung for the cake based on this sesh, but the universe has funny ways of bringing us what we need, so. I’m going with it.

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I’ve had a few sessions with this tea over the past few months. Each time, I read all the logs that have come before me — and then get surprised when my session is enjoyable, lol.

I don’t find this overly or even particularly sweet. The warmed leaf has gorgeous smells of roasted and salted white sweet potato. Same comes through in the sip, with rye and some cocoa notes. A little dryness in the early steeps that I find interesting rather than distracting. I didn’t count my steeps, but it lasted longer than I expected it to.

I’d like to try this western.

Flavors: Cocoa, Rye, Salt, Sweet Potatoes

Marshall Weber

I still have yet to get any sweet potato flavor in the ZSXZ I’ve tried! I love sweet potatoes so I’m jealous. I’ll get it eventually :). Glad you enjoyed it!

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Different than “That Camphor Cake,” this is a shou whereas TCC is a sheng.

This one, eh. Definite camphor cooling, not a challenging sip, no paper bag (hooray!)… a little damp, baby astringency, surprisingly watery, and… kinda vapid. I’ve been letting each steep sit for progressively longer, but all I really have to show for it is some uvular dryness and menthol tingle on my bottom lip. I guess the astringency is a little novel for a shou.

This must have been part of a Hookup, or maybe a replacement for Wet Cigar, which I paid for but didn’t get.


Maybe this is one of those “stew for best effect” shous? I can try. ¯\(ツ)

Flavors: Astringent, Camphor, Watery, Wet Wood

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First session; so far, I’m not a fan of this very popular shou. There is a distinct, edgy, paper-bag-but-not-quite-cardboard note in a lot of shous that just pulls me out of the experience, I’m finding, and Yogurt has that. I don’t know how to better explain it, and I don’t know what causes it.

Alchemy from YS doesn’t have it. Although I don’t feel that’s a terribly complex cake, I do enjoy it and find it easy and comforting in both flavor and energy.

I just ordered a few more shous from LP; I’m quite hopeful I’ll find a better fit among those, as this is really my first disappointment from him.

Flavors: Bark, Paper

Martin Bednář

Tea called Yogurt and tastes like cardboard-paper-whatever, seems so off to me on so many levels.


Yeahhh. I didn’t pick up on whatever ferment flavor it’s named for, for better or worse — couldn’t get past the paper. So glad I didn’t buy more.

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A sample packet from ashmanra — thank you!

Clear cherry notes coming from the warmed leaves. The little packet had 10g in it, so I took most of the broken material for this 5g/100ml steep in a new cheapy gaiwan. Lots of little junk in the first pour as a result. Hay and more light cherry notes on the nose and in the sip. Astringency in the second steep that reads more as crispness than drying. Very clear apricot notes on the wet leaves.

I appreciate that the gaiwan in general encourages lid-off-between-steeps and really appreciating the look and smell of the leaves; this gaiwan in particular is one that can support the lid between the cup and the saucer as a nice compact package.

I haven’t seen a lot of love for Fengqing puerh. This is pretty mild, one of those shengs that alllllmost leaves me feeling like I missed something. But then it’s refreshing and easy and I enjoy the sip — and maybe that’s enough.

Next steep loses some astringency. That’s fun. Apricot/peach dominate the leaf scent, while the taste rides a pleasant line of refreshment without too much HEY LOOKIE ME flavor profile. I get some wet rock/mountain flashes with the crispness. It’s nice. And it’s lasting several steeps.

I feel quite relaxed, but I know I’m running on fumes and this is the first sit-and-think time I’ve taken in 8 days… not sure if Tea or Tired.

I wouldn’t buy more of this, I guess, but I’d be thrilled if it was offered by a friend. Which it was. <3

Flavors: Apricot, Astringent, Cherry, Crisp, Hay, Peach, Wet Rocks


I am glad you had a nice session with it!


Perfect wrap to my tea re-org project today! :)

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Smoky, tingly cellar. More cupboards than cardboard. Grandpa’s crackled leather strap rollerskates are definitely down here somewhere.

Flavors: Camphor, Smoke, Wet Rocks, Wood

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