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Cooking TTB #13

I almost didn’t try this tea because it sounded a little too out of my comfort zone.. I mean spinach chive tea… Don’t you mean soup?? Anyway in the end I decided to give it a go, what’s a TTB for if its not to get you tasting something you wouldn’t usually pick for yourself?? And I’m so glad that I did! This was actually very tasty… With a slight punch of citrus and a savory flavor dominated by chives this is definitely something I would buy!

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Cooking TTB #12

I must try out more ROT! This is very enjoyable, assuming you like bananas and let’s face it, why would you be sipping a tea called banana cuppa chocolate unless you liked bananas??? This would make a good after dinner treat or maybe something to drink in bed with a book on a cold night… The banana and chocolate are well balanced, neither overpowers the other and most importantly the banana doesn’t taste overly artificial… Yum!!

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Cooking TTB #11

Another 5 am conference call means another tasty tea picked from the tea box to help keep my eyelids open and my brain functioning – darn international time zones!!

This is another tasty non overpowering rose tea selection from the TTB only this time there is a pop of peachiness which is a really nice touch to help make this tea stand out from the many rose teas I seem to have inadvertently sampled recently. Another winner for my taste buds!

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Cooking TTB #10

This actually quite tasty! Its a malty tea with a hint of rose which actually works really really well!! This tea is Goldilocks worthy – not too much, not too little.. the rose is just right!!

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Cooking TTB #9

Oh no this tea is so not for me!!! It smells and tastes like mulling spices!! If you’re into mulled drinks definitely give this tea a try!!

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Cooking TTB #8

This tea is a tasty surprise!! I tend to find 52Teas a little temperamental, you usually need to really baby them within very specific steeping perimeters to get the full taste effect with them which I usually just don’t have the patience for. My new Breville tea makers has definitely helped me to enjoy my stash of 52Teas a little more as now I don’t have to worry about over/under steeping or my water temperature.

Brewed at 212 and steeped for 3 minutes this tea has some serious wild strawberry, cinnamon and crusty pastry notes! The strawberry is a little artificial tasting and I couldn’t drink more than one cup of this at a time but its a nice late morning / afternoon treat without the caffeine hit!

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drank Praline Horizon by Butiki Teas
217 tasting notes

Oh how I am going to miss Butiki Teas!!! Stacy is a blending genius!! On first steep the tea is deliciously flavorful, lots of sweet, molasses and caramel notes with a good punch of malt. The second steep is milder on the sweetness which really allows the nutty flavors to shine through, I specifically get almond and a touch of woodiness. Very tasty tea that stands up well to milk if thats your thing.

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drank Albert Square by TeaSource
217 tasting notes

Cooking TTB #7

Wow I’m really powering through the TTB today but then it is the perfect weather day for sitting around the house with tea and a book. We don’t get much winter weather here in SoCal and it’s foggy, drizzly and about 12C outside today which is a nice change to the usual sunny skies. If you combine the weather with the fact that I’m about a quarter of the way through the fourth outlander novel, Drums of Autumn, and that this is the first free time I’ve had all week, it all combines to mean I’ll be creating a me sized dent on the couch today!!

This tea is delicious! It’s the perfect malty breakfast tea with a surprising and delicious touch of smokiness! Such an unassuming tea in its packet, I picked it it up on a whim because of the name and was very pleasently surprised by just how complex it actually was! Yum!

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Cooking TTB #6

The dry leaf scent of this reminds me so much of David’s Tea Coffee Cake! Upon sipping, I really don’t get a serious vanilla taste, instead I’m getting a lot of muted cocoa and cake notes. Not quite what I was expecting but it’s still tasty… In fact, it makes me want to go and brew up a cup of Coffee Cake!! Doh!!

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drank Coconut Oolong by Zen Tea
217 tasting notes

Cooking TTB #5

I’m drinking this right now and I hope my cup never ever runs out!! This tea is seriously fantastic!! Chock full of amazing coconut and cream flavors its like drinking a coconut macaroon!! I must have more of this!!! Huge thank you to Flyawaybirdie for including this sample in the TTB for me!

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