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A good solid malty anytime of the day cuppa that stands up well to milk and sugar thought I seem to be enjoying it best as an afternoon escape from family madness with a sneaky scone covered in jam and cream or two… Or a couple of Turkish delight Tim Tams!!

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drank Special-T by T Bar Tea Salon
217 tasting notes

Walking around Rundall Mall in the Adelaide CBD (that’s downtown!) with my Aunt looking for T2 we ran into this little tea bar and decided to stop for a quick refreshment. While waiting for our tea to brew I noticed that they had an entire wall of tea and started sniffing each of the little vials that took my interest… So of course I ended up walking out with a cuppa and a bag of tea….

This is one of the teas that took my noses fancy. Brewed hot and sipped once home, I could definitely imagine drinking this iced on a hot summers day round the pool or on the beach, maybe even with a sneaky slug of vodka or white rum if it was at the end of a long day!!

The tea has some bold blueberry and mango flavors which are softened slightly by a faint floral note and the black tea base has a slight hint of nuts which is brought out with the addition of milk… yum!

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Convinced the hubby to stop by a tearoom for some quick relaxation and destress time after our US Embassy appointment and this tearoom in Collingwood did not disappoint in respect to relaxation or delicious and amazing tea!

I ordered the Golden Tips which the owner told me would be infused twice for me and was blown away by both the first and second steeping! The first was full of cocoa and honey notes, the second developed more of a roasted honeyed pumpkins flavor. Seriously wanted to buy a bag to take home with me but unfortunately they were out… Might have to try and sneak past their other location in Richmond to see if they have any… And of course, drink more amazing tea in the process!

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drank Billy Tea by Tea Leaves
217 tasting notes

I’m sitting outside drinking a cup of this while while the rest of the house snoozes, there’s a slight chill in the air and I’m listening to the morning song of the magpies and willy wagtails be almost drowned out by a large flock of rainbow lorikeets squabbling over the choicest perching locations of a nearby palm tree… And suddenly, I feel like I’m home!

This tea describes itself as a blend of smoky and tropical Australian tea with a touch of eucalyptus.. A billy is a tradition tea kettle drovers and settlers used to use over a camp fire to make tea and this blend captures that taste perfectly! I don’t get much eucalyptus and honestly the scent reminds me of smoked bacon!! But if I close my eyes, sip my tea and listen to the birds I really do feel as if I’m in the middle of nowhere drinking a cup of fire brewed billy tea!

Not going to rate as I feel this teas really Would be an acquired taste and probably isn’t for everyone but I’m glad I got my hands on some! Now I’m off to see if I can get some good photos of these squawking, rioting larikeets!!


sounds amazing- both the tea and the birdsong!


What a lovely tasting note :)

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drank Cherry Ripe by Tea Leaves
217 tasting notes

After a 11 hour day at work, jumping straight in the car afterwards to drive to LA, waiting around at LAX for four hours, jumping on a 16 hour flight and having Friday never exist for me I was pretty darn exhausted today! We arrived in Oz early morning and cleared customs and immigration ridiculously quick, grabbed the rental car and after a quick cheeky flat white for energy and because, hey, real flat white peoples! We finally made it to my in laws house in Melbourne.

After showering to get the long haul plane smell out of our nostrils my MIL decided that it’s a beautiful day and we could all do with some fresh air so let’s road trip out to this cute little tea room in the dandenongs… And best of all, she whispered conspiratorially to me, there’s a tea shop right next door… Does this woman know me or what??

I was like a kind in a candy store when I walked in the door of Tea Leaves and had to restrain myself (remembering baggage allowance limits helps!) to taking home just a couple of their 300 teas!

This was on the top of my list because the dry leaf really did remind me of a cherry ripe… All chocolate, coconut and cherry! As soon as we got back home I brewed up a cup… The flavor unfortunately dosent live up to the scent. I definitely get a good amount of cherry although it tastes a little artificial, there’s some chocolate notes as well as a slight hint of vanilla and coconut but something is just a little off for me… Never mind, I know the hubby will help sip down the 50g bag I have.

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Completely forgot I had this tea as it got a little lost at the back of my tea cupboard… It tastes of almond, marzipan and cream and its decent but not a favorite… not too upset that its a sip down this afternoon.

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I purchased two of Naivetea’s sample boxes last week and they finally arrived yesterday!! I can’t believe they took just over a week from order to arrival and it was only shipping from 250 miles away but the wait was certainly worth it!

Opening the packet up, Im immediately hit with the sweet and slightly acidic smell of fresh passionfruit, if I closed my eyes I would think someone was holding a fresh cut passionfruit in front of my face!! Such a heady, indulgent, succulent scent!!

I decided to steep in my little oolong yixing pot following Naivetea’s steeping directions… First steep at 50 seconds and the scent is not as prominent as the dry leaf, the flavor is muted but there is definitely some light passionfruit notes in each sip. Second steep at 40 second, the passionfruit flavor is a little more prominent, more juicy with a distinct buttery end note, the liquor has changed to a slightly more vibrant but beautiful yellow color. Third steeping at 50 seconds, and the scent is infinitely more floral and there is still a slight passionfruit flavor which is balanced with a vegetal flavor. Fourth and final steeping because I’m ready for something else, not because this tea has given up all its flavor… this time I steeped for 2 minutes (as Naivetea recommends for the 7th steeping) there is still a distinct passionfruit scent and the flavor is still present but fading a little… All in all this tea is pretty delicious, I expected a slightly more prominent passionfruit flavor due to the powerful scent of the dry leaves but I’m in no way disappointed with what the tea delivered and will absolutely purchase more when this sample is done.

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I western brewed this a couple of days ago at work and wasn’t too impressed but decided it was probably human error and that I wasnt giving the tea a fair go brewing it this style.

This afternoon I pulled out my new teaware and decided to give this another go in the Gaiwan. Now we’re talking! Steeped for 1 minute at 204F the tea gave out some cocoa notes which became more pronounced as the tea cooled from the steeping temperature. Second steeping for 2 minutes and the cocoa notes became very apparent, a hint of honey started to creep in and there was a little more of a buttery mouthfeel at the end of the sip. Third steeping for 3 minutes and the liquor was much darker than previously and the cocoa notes started to fade into the background and I started to taste stone fruit and honey. Fourth steeping for 4 minutes and the tea tastes more vegetal and a little herbaceous. Would have liked to try a fifth steep but I had some errands to run and had to get moving…

Maddy Barone

Oooh, I have that one! Haven’t tried it yet, but your tea not makes me think I need to move it up in the queue.


I was pretty impressed with it once I took the time to actually treat it right :) the sky high oolong is next on my list to try this week!

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Overboard TTB #14

I’m definitely going to have to take a break from caffeine for a couple of hours after this one… I’ve not tried any of the Steepster Select teas before, most probably because I don’t need any more tea clubs right now.. I don’t drink a lot of darjeeling however this seemed to be an example of a pretty good one. It has some good malt and floral notes and the addition of milk brought a real creamy mouthfeel to each sip… Impressed!

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Overboard TTB #13

I got a HUGE dried blueberry in my scoop of this tea which got me super excited… unfortunately once brewed it smells exactly like sweet nerds candy to me which is a little off putting… taste wise its a little chemically and although I get a significant fruit flavor I wouldn’t necessarily say that it was blueberry… or maybe I would but I would say its chemical blueberry.. Afraid this wasn’t a win for me at all… my search for the perfect blueberry tea continues…


Have you had Adagio’s Green Rooibos Blueberry? That’s the best one I’ve found so far.


I haven’t, I’ll have to get my hands on some… Thanks for the suggestion! :)


Have you tried Cassis & Blueberry from Lupicia?


You know what… I’ve actually got a tea bag of the cassis & blueberry lying around here somewhere from my Lupicia Happy Bag… I’ll have to find it today and give it a try… Thanks!!

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Wife, hiker, backcountry explorer, snowboarder, scuba diver, reader, amateur photographer, wine snob, traveller, student, workaholic and tea addict….

I’m partial to straight oolongs and strong blacks but will drink almost anything if it’s good! I’m also a sucker for coconut, pineapple, passionfruit, mango, raspberry and chocolate flavors and I’m starting to dabble in pu’erh but haven’t found my feet yet….

I’m a displaced Aussie who loves a good cuppa!


Houston, TX

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