2919 Tasting Notes

drank Gingerbread by Teeccino
2919 tasting notes

January sipdown prompt – drink a coffee flavored tea

This is a sipdown of the samples my friend brought, although I never added them to cupboard and so will not count them toward my total.

This was positively delicious today. I think it has the least coffee flavor of the Teecino blends I have tried, but made as a latte with milk and sugar is delicious and satisfying, even though I skipped the whipped cream this time. Drank it with lunch which was homemade veggie beef soup.


I was trying to figure out what to use for this prompt… Teeccino! Duh! :D


My over-enthusiast purchases of Teecino made this prompt appeal to me, even though I have given away several boxes of the bagged and a couple of bags of loose! Ha ha!


You’re making me crave Teeccino!

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I am so surprised to see bad reviews for this tea, but I notice that most of them are from people who hate either bergamot or lavender. I like both of those things on the right base, so this bides well for me.

The aroma of this tea is heavenly to me. I could bring the tin to my bedside and sniff it until I fall asleep and dream sweet dreams.

I was surprised to see that they recommend 195F water and since my kettle just had 190 or 200, I went with 190F. Next time around I will try 200F to bring out more of the base tea flavor. My only criticism is I wanted more base tea flavor and I think that is fixable with either time, temp, or leaf amount.

Something about this also reminds me a little bit of Perseus from The ODor.

I did not find the bergamot to be too strong. I don’t like super strong bergamot and when I do have bergamot I prefer it on a Chinese base. The main scent to me is fruity candy. A big sniff of the tin brings to mind a wonderful tangerine tea I had long ago plus American Smarties. I have heard of a powder candy in Britain they refer to as sherbet but seems to be something they dip lollies in. That might be similar to the flavor of our Smarties, so if anyone has tried both things, please let me know if they compare! Layer that with lavender and bergamot. If that doesn’t appeal to you, may I have your tin, please?

I am so happy right now.

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drank Snow Day by DAVIDsTEA
2919 tasting notes

Sipdown! This is one of my older teas so it was time to say good-bye. It still tastes as good as the first cup.

I ate my only two Bissinger’s mint chocolates last night and York Peppermint Patties let me down last time I had one, so I followed Superanna’s advice and tried Junior Mints. These will do very nicely as companions to my evening caffeine free mint teas.


I haven’t had Junior Mints in ages—do you put yours in the fridge first?


Almost all of our chocolate goes in the fridge! These haven’t been here long enough to get to the fridge. Ha ha! They were purchased right before steeping the tea!

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Another sipdown!

I loved the base last year but just couldn’t get much apple flavor. This year I decided to overleaf since the base seemed well behaved and it worked. Had this for breakfast and lunch so that makes Fortnum Advent sipdown number ten!

This still isn’t “in your face” apple. It is gentle and sometimes I even though more of pear. But it is smooth and enjoyable with a light and mellow fruity taste.

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drank Snow Day by DAVIDsTEA
2919 tasting notes

January Sipdown Prompt – A Tea That Goes with Snow

I think I have had this tea for five or six years. I don’t know why I pass over mint teas most of the time when I poke through the stash to see what I want. It just happens. I usually enjoy it when I drink it, and this was no exception. Considering the age, it was shocking how good it still tasted. And Ashman did not object to the chocolate flavor and chips in this!

I should have had it Saturday when we saw four confirmed snowflakes fall, though not at the same time. Ashman saw one in the backyard, I saw one on the patio, and daughter who lives with us saw two on the way to work! Exciting! Ha ha!

I wanted something caffeine free to drink tonight and knew it was high time to sip down this one, and also I had two Bissinger’s peppermint chocolates to eat that I thought would be perfect with this tea. It was perfect, oh so very perfect. This was not a sipdown but the next time I drink it will be, and now I have to go buy some sort of chocolate and peppermint treat to go with it. To have it otherwise would be wrong.

On that note, does anyone else think York Peppermint Patties just aint what they used to be? My mom loved them and I got some a few months ago and they were just…less delicious than I remembered. Less minty and less chocolatey both somehow.

Jen vB

I absolutely agree with your thoughts on York Patties! Last time I had one, I thought they must have changed the recipe. I remember the mint being really strong!


Superanna says Junior Mints might be my best bet for a readily available mint candy so I can finish my mint teas!

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I served this today for my friend’s celebration, hoping she would like it more than I did. She said it was good but she didn’t drink a lot of it.

Having tried it full strength and resteeped, I am not a fan. I will drink this and may try to find a way to make it more appealing to me, but the white tea is too mild and the rose flavor too light and the hibiscus turning it pink for Valentine’s is no excuse for adding it and cover up what might have been nice flavors under there.

If I were choosing a Fortnum tea to serve for Valentine’s Day, it would more likely be Tose Pouchong or Countess Grey…maybe even Victoria Grey. The only thing this tea had going for it for the holiday was the color. That’s not enough.

Maybe I can find a way to improve it.

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drank Assam Superb by Fortnum & Mason
2919 tasting notes

Another sipdown! The Fortnum advent stands at 9 down and 15 to go! I think there are about six tins which have only enough for one more pot and five tins that I will need to finish all by myself since Ashman doesn’t care for bergamot.

This is a standard fare daily drinker Assam that is nice with breakfast and takes milk and sugar very well, although with food I drink it plain. Without food, I don’t drink it, but if I had no other choices I would probably have additions.

It is a good minutes since we finished breakfast and I still have the drying sensation in my mouth, but it isn’t unpleasant.

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We met Superanna and her husband at The Pimiento Tea Room in Holly Springs today and had an early supper before our game night. I added the tea room to places, but there is no way for me to add a review so I will include that here below the tea review.

I completely forgot that I bought this tea ten years ago, and I ordered it today thinking I was trying something new. I was glad the menu rated the caffeine level of the various teas, and partly chose this one because it was one of the low caffeine options.

This was a blend of Pai Mu Tan, Sencha, and Kukicha with dragonfruit, lemongrass, kiwi, raspberry, and pomegranate arils. It has natural flavors added. The flavor is so very fruity and refreshing, and was really good with our food.

Forget china tea cups and pinkies in the air. This is a small, quirky restaurant with good food, fun atmosphere, and thirteen teas on the menu which I believe are purchased from Tin Roof Teas in Raleigh, who in turn sources largely from TeaGeschwendner. The tea cups are really more like a coffee cup. Fine by me. You get a sizable portion of tea.

The staff members were friendly and we were seated quickly, perhaps because we were there quite early. They have a little outside seating as well. The menu changes pretty much weekly, with Southern specialties presented in very new ways. Their namesake dish – pimiento cheese, the caviar of the South – is one of Ashman’s favorite foods so he got the pimiento cheese and cracker platter for starters. He prefers my homemade pimento cheese to store bought, and I am pretty sure they made this on site. It was very good.

Superanna ordered scones and a butter flight, with unicorn butter, cinnamon butter, and honey scallion butter. The scones were fabulous, flaky, messy, and biscuity but with coarse sugar baked on top for a sweet crust.

We had turtle bean soup with chow chow and ten layer salad, all wonderful. Superanna had Brunswick stew and winter salad, and son-in-law had a sausage and potato soup. He had a cocktail made with rooibos jungle fire tea. They use tea in many of their cocktails and desserts.

We did have a problem with the French presses that were used for serving the tea. Both of ours sputtered and misfired, getting tea on the table at first and then refusing to do more than dribble. We messed with them and got them pouring better, but then mine decided to pour at an incredibly slow rate again. And yes, we have both owned and used French presses with no trouble before so I don’t know why these were a problem.

I would very much enjoy going back someday. I love the way they took standard Southern ingredients that we all know from childhood and every day life, like pimiento cheese, Cheerwine soda, field peas, and black eyed peas, and made something unique and special out of them, using them all in unusual ways and adding so much flavor with their relishes like chow chow and pickled veggies. (I have never thought to put chow chow on a soup, and the fermented flavor was marvelous, as was the texture.)

They have vegan and gluten free options on the menu as well. It is a bit pricey, though, compared to what we are accustomed to, but it was a lovely treat and a great experience.


That sounds wonderful!


I’ve never had chow chow from a restaurant before! My grandfather would make it growing up, and I tried to make some last year…it turned out just okay. I’ll have to try again! And that tea place sounds wonderful!!

Martin Bednář

I agree with Kelmishka completely. I am happy to read about your nice day!


Kelmishka – It was a really neat experience and I am deffo trying some experimenting with food combinations now! Our salads even had a pimento cheese based dressing, and they have field pea dressing as well. Here in the South, there is no such thing as a good field pea you can buy in the frozen food section. You have to get them from a farmer or produce stand and freeze them yourself if you want them year ‘round. They are not the same as black eyed peas, and there is little food better in the whole world than fresh field peas with ‘snaps.”

AJRimmer – my mom loved chow chow and I had never tried it! I don’t know if this was typical because it had a noticeable fermented taste like sauerkraut and appeared to be mostly red cabbage. It didn’t look the same as the chow chow my mom bought, which was mostly green and had orange bits from carrots. It was delicious and I would definitely buy it if they sold it!

Thank you, Martin! It was a fun day and evening! We played two games of Cartographer after supper and then Superanna ordered a Crumbl Cookies assortment through doordash.


Well, you’ve now got me looking at field pea seeds for spring planting!


You should hear the fights down here about whether purple hull or Dixie Lee peas are the best!

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drank Jaffa Cakes by Cuppa Geek
2919 tasting notes

A very sad sipdown.

This had so much flavor and the chocolate and orange were beautifully balanced. It was one of the few chocolate teas that didn’t smell like mildew to Ashman. What an awesome tea it was.

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Our Fortnum & Mason Valentine’s hamper arrived today and I decided we really should go ahead and try the tea. I plan to use it this weekend as a celebration tea time for a friend who has had very good news. I needed to know if it was good and if it was a tea that was likely to appeal to her.

I did double steep this and combine the steeps because I wanted enough for both me and Ashman to try, and I didn’t want much caffeine this late at night. I think in future I may not resteep this one because it is very light already. I will have to try it again early in the day full strength to see how it tastes that way.

This is a very light tea and the rose flavor is quite mild. That’s good because my friend – and Ashman – will tolerate mildly floral tea but not strong rose flavor. Jasmine is well liked by both, but something with a huge floral punch like Bellocq’s Wedding Tea is not well received by them.

There is enough hibiscus to turn this a lovely light pink shade and it does add the tiniest tart twist but not much. The rose is noticeable but mild. The white tea flavor is also milder than some other white teas that I have on hand.

It was okay, especially with their blackcurrant biscuits, and I am not sorry we bought it, but I would not go out of my way to purchase it again. Maybe having it stronger will change my mind on that. I am toying with the idea of mixing it with a little of the Teavivre White Peony that I have much of on hand.

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I am a music teacher, tutor, and former homeschool mom (25 years!) who started drinking loose leaf tea about twelve years ago! My daughters and I have tea every day, and we are frequently joined by my students or friends for “tea time.” Now my hubby joins us, too. His tastes have evolved from Tetley with milk and sugar to mostly unadorned greens and oolongs.

We have learned so much history, geography, and culture in this journey.

I am also reviewing for Sororitea Sisters now!

My avatar is a mole in a teacup! Long story…


North Carolina

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