2900 Tasting Notes

drank Peach matcha by Pristine Leaf
2900 tasting notes

You can buy a variety pack from Pristine leaf on Amazon.ca (and probably the USA version also). My matchas just arrived the other day and I’ve been desperate for some flavoured matchas.

The matcha itself is grassy, vegetal, and bitter. It has that protein powder thickness to it. I really don’t taste much peach (subtle in the aftertaste but not present in the smell or initial taste). The matcha seems thin. This is also made from a Chinese green tea, so obviously it isn’t going to be high grade traditional Japanese matcha. Since I just brew mine in soy/oat milk (or half water and half milk) I don’t care about what grade my flavoured matchas are.

Flavors: Bitter, Grass, Vegetal

175 °F / 79 °C 2 g 8 OZ / 250 ML

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drank Matcha platinum by Hachi
2900 tasting notes

This is the best matcha available at Just Matcha. This little store just opened in downtown Victoria, BC.

Platinum was expensive, at $1.50 per gram ($60 per 40g tin). It was definitely the best straight matcha I’ve ever had, however there was still a touch of bitterness in the after taste. In comparison to the gold grade matcha, the platinum is creamier/thicker, and less bitter. The main tasting note is the green soy bean/edamame flavour. Touches of vegetal and seaweed notes in both the taste and the smell of the brew. No grassy notes. Less drying than the gold and also much smoother.

Flavors: Creamy, Seaweed, Soybean, Thick, Vegetal

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drank Matcha gold by Hachi
2900 tasting notes

I went to a new matcha shop last week to try some high level matcha and this was one of two I tried.

As it turns out, there is a huge difference between matcha gold ($1.13 per gram) and matcha platinum ($1.50 per gram). I’m glad I tried both. I am also glad I didn’t try the bronze and silver.

The matcha gold was surprisingly bitter (less so than cheap culinary grade matcha, but definitely not what I hoped for). I was under the impression that high quality matcha was not bitter. As someone quite sensitive to bitterness, I can say this may not be as bitter to other people as another person in my group had the gold one and she loves a bit of bitterness/astringency in her tea.

Lots of umami, very strong resemblance to edamame/soybean. It is a very dark/rich green with vegetal and seaweed smell to the prepared brew. No grassy flavour. The mouthfeel was interesting. The tea was definitely lubricating, but also the bitterness made my mouth feel dry.

Flavors: Seaweed, Soybean, Umami, Vegetal

180 °F / 82 °C

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drank Tarzan & Jane by Dollar Tea Club
2900 tasting notes

This is a lovely fruity tea with notes of stone fruit and tropical papaya. I can’t say I taste the lime leaf but I do think it still makes a great iced cup. The black tea is slightly malty so the tea was thicker than many fruity black teas I’ve consumed lately. Unfortunately it wasn’t very smooth because there is also an acidity and a lot of tannins. It benefits from a touch of sweetener to bring out the fruit notes.

Flavors: Fruity, Malt, Stonefruit, Tannin, Tropical

Iced 6 min, 45 sec

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drank Moscow Mule by DAVIDsTEA
2900 tasting notes

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drank Blueberry Shake by DAVIDsTEA
2900 tasting notes

I wanted this to be super creamy, thick, sweet, maybe some ice cream and sugar notes. I do taste blueberry, but it takes more like apple and coconut than cream in the base. Also there is a fairly noticeable rooibos flavour that doesn’t make me think of a dessert. If this was called blueberry granola I would be more accepting of the flavour combination, but there is nothing that makes me think smoothie or milkshake.

Flavors: Apple, Blueberry, Coconut, Nutty, Oats, Rooibos

Boiling 2 min, 45 sec 2 g 15 OZ / 450 ML

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drank Gaba Guava by DAVIDsTEA
2900 tasting notes

This tea is great iced. I don’t actually taste a lot of guava but I do get lots of strawberry, pineapple, and maybe some citrus notes. It is nice over ice slightly sweetened or straight.

Flavors: Citrus, Fruity, Pineapple, Red Fruits, Strawberry

Iced 8 min or more

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drank Sticky Fig Oolong by 52teas
2900 tasting notes

I finished off the package of this today. I’m trying to get through some of my older 52Teas blends before the 12 days of tea begins again. I still have several of the packages from previous years unopened. I don’t drink caffeine often so unfortunately I can’t sipdown most of these anytime soon.

I’m having my last cup of this one in hottish (80ish deg. C water) with 800 mL water. I’ve been letting it steep as I drink it Grandpa style. I get some nice oolong notes (molasses, thick, floral in the after taste) and some dried fruit flavour. It is reminiscent of dried fig or raisin. The spices aren’t helping since I don’t associate figs (I eat them as a fresh summer fruit) with winter spices. Overall, the blend is alright. I would prefer no spices and more fig but I like the oolong choice. It verges on bitter after ~1 hour of steeping at low temperature but the oolong flavour works with dried fruit.

Not related to this tea really, but I just thought of a new fig tea for 52Teas to make. What about fig newton? Cakey pastry and graham cracker notes with the sweetness of dried figs. Or, maybe a blend called “Greek holiday” with freeze dried figs (Fresh fig taste) and freeze dried grapes. When I went to Greece I lived on grapes and figs. No regrets. You can buy figs by the dozen for a few euro in Greece (in contrast Canada grows quite a few figs but they cost over $1 each).

Flavors: Cinnamon, Dried Fruit, Fig, Mineral, Molasses, Raisins, Roasted Barley, Spices

175 °F / 79 °C 8 min or more 4 g 27 OZ / 800 ML

I have the same problem. I only occasionally drink caffeinated tea, so it sits on my shelf forever as I finish up all my herbal teas like lightning. I often just try a cup or two of each and give the rest away or swap it.

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drank Chai Matcha by DAVIDsTEA
2900 tasting notes

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I am a biochem major hoping for a career in research genetics and evolutionary biology. I love science fiction and spend too much of my time reading comic books. I’m a passionate keeper of spiders, cacti, and exotic plants. I eat a vegan, plant-based diet for moral and environmental reasons (I mention this only because it is relevant to which flavoured teas I drink).

I drink mostly flavoured and low caffeine teas/tisanes, but I will try anything twice. As far as pure teas go, I gravitate towards whites, yellows, and jade oolongs. I’m always open for trades and sample sales/exchanges. Message me any time :)

My cupboard is mostly up to date. For a more comprehensive list, see my stash spreadsheet here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-HjWKR3um-xEnj6HC9vMvKXOAyj_bpW5u_2ixEC20-k/edit?usp=sharing
Most of these are only tiny samples/I can’t always spare any, but feel free to ask.

Favourite flavours/ingredients:
Rum/alcohol, clove, cardamom, rosemary, pine, sage, moss/Earthy, lychee, floral, creamy, malt, hay, rice/grain, toasty, desserty, cocoa/chocolate, decaf or no caffeine, very unusual flavours

Favourite tea types
Decaf teas (any variety)/no caf tisanes like honeybush and rooibos, yellow, jade oolong, white, Darjeeling blacks

Least favourite flavours/ingredients:
Acidic/sour/tart, melon, grapefruit, bitter, astringent, smokey, sickly sweet (too much chicory, cinnamon, or licorice root), yerba mate, tumeric mushroom/fungus,

Animal products: [confectioners glaze, , marshmallows, , natural flavour, white choc chips, caramel bits, etc]
St. John’s wort (herb)


BC, Canada

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