15 Tasting Notes

drank Happy Tummy by Allegro Tea
15 tasting notes

Well balanced tea that helps calm my stomach down. My love affair with ginger and mint continues….

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i’m not a big fan of herbal teas, or chamomile in general, so my appreciation for this tea is very strange and unexpected… my addiction to vanilla may be the culprit, but either way, perfect to curl up with in bed before nodding off…. just put the cup down first =)

(fyi spearmint also makes a cameo in this tea, so if you don’t like spearmint… run away!)

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drank Green Ginger by Tazo
15 tasting notes

Based on the other reviews, i’m mildly convinced my taste buds are retarded. (or maybe i haven’t tried enough tea)
Either way, i particularly enjoy this tea when i’m leaving for school in a pinch and don’t have time to steep a loose batch. I also have a longterm love affair with ginger in general, so perhaps there is the inherent issue. I drink tea straight, and this is mild and pleasant with a slow burn/heat (perfect for chilly weather)
highly recommended for mindless sipping during the morning commute (perfectly paired with an ipod and a smile)


Liked for sapient taste buds.

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drank China Green Tips by Tazo
15 tasting notes

Now I’m new to this tea reviewing business, and according to tazo, this tea ‘s aroma is popcorn.
To be honest, when I first had a whiff of this tea, I was a bit worried.

The smell kind of assaults your nose a bit, but then your taste buds are shown compassion.
I am always one to drink my tea straight, like my vodka.
So if you want sweetening advice, I’m not the one to follow.
My sweet tooth is rather insatiable, but I just can’t seem to revert back to my overdosing of sugar cubes and milk in my tea anymore. Liquid diabetes is no longer my preference, it’s either sickly sweet, or not at all.
Probably why I like dry reds and sweet white.
Now that my slight alcoholic tendencies have shown their true colors, Backkkkkkkk to tea.
I tend to tank cups of tea, mindlessly gulping it down, while listening to dead man’s bones and writing papers. This tea is perfect for a non earth shattering taste explosion, it’s more of a steady tasty experience. (Like a silent ninja that sets up camp on the back of your tongue, and keeps dropping popcorn and plants on the ground.) Anyway. Very smooth, and the flavor is pretty consistent. The aftertaste is what predominantly the proof that you drank the tea in the first place. Not bitter, not sweet, just kind of there, existing, with a lingering plant taste, (but not like you just licked a tree plant taste). A pleasant I just ate dandelion salad in the sun on a picnic blanket taste.
Tazo might have the tea description down better than I do, but that’s my interpretation of it anyway. Enjoy

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drank Wild Sweet Orange by Tazo
15 tasting notes

this tea is essentially an epic fail. it’s where tastebuds go to die.
(granted i don’t enjoy most herbal teas, or anything fruit flavored- but even so)
i jacked the teabag from a hotel stay and tried it once i got home.
i did give it an honest shot, and…. i basically injested orange pine sol.

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26 years young…

I drink tea like it’s 1841
(but please no cream and sugar)

I have an affection for floral teas, anything remotely resembling vanilla, and a strong aversion to smoky teas (lapsang souchong I’m looking at you, you foul death-tasting beast).

i like sitting on tables and counters.

i love the smell of old books.

swings+music+tea= heaven

tea-stained memoirs and old lace


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States



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