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Sipdown 66

Not a favorite. Like hay and old oranges. Not fresh or vibrant and a bit stale tasting.

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Sipdown 65

This wasn’t great. I’m very much over charcoal roasted oolongs, and didn’t realize this was one. It was lacking depth and tasted very much like charcoal.

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Sipdown 64

While this cup wasn’t as good as the first, it was still tasty. I’d definitely consider repurchasing this in the future.

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drank Peach DeTox by Yogi Tea
1597 tasting notes


I really dislike ‘detox’ blends. It’s just…not a thing and I hate brands that try to sell any kind of detox to consumers.

Despite my annoyance at the name, decided to give it a try, as the combination of peach, cinnamon, and clove sounded interesting.

Alas, this is just cinnamon and clove- maybe a touch of ginger? Meh, it’s a spiced herbal, not something I need to have again.


Agree with you on the detox teas. We seem to have accumulated quite a few though because James loves those kinds of blends. Not because they are detox but because he likes the way they taste. Still haven’t figured that out.

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I don’t think I’ve ever had a Korean black tea before, and this is quite interesting.

It is surprisingly floral and sweet- like lilacs and honey.

There is a bit of a wet tree bark thing happening, which actually works really well with the soft floral notes.


I’ve been on the fence about this one with every CS order I’ve placed. Now I’ll be adding a sample in my next order!

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drank Lemon Lychee by Paru Tea Bar
1597 tasting notes


Decided to try this for the first time as a cold brew. I ended up overstepping it a bit, so I need to revisit before I can make a fair assessment.

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Mmmmmm…this is tasty. Really sweet, with notes of honey, baked bread, and a touch of cocoa.

Flavors: Bread, Cocoa, Honey

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Didn’t love this- I couldn’t taste any yuzu, only a very seaweedy green tea.

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This was one of the first DT blends that I fell in love with many years ago, so I was excited to see it in the TTB, as I haven’t had it in quite awhile.

It’s as good as I remember! It really tastes like french toast, with a kick of cardamom. So cozy! I may need to place a DT order.

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I had been wanting to try out this blend for quite some time, and finally decided to take the plunge.

I ordered the sachets, as I know from past Smith Teamaker experiences that I really like their little box of neatly organized sachets. I was very annoyed to have received a box of 15 teabags, not individually packaged (the other box I ordered came in the traditional packaging and the website doesn’t state that they aren’t individually packaged like the rest of their products). This is a first world problem, I realize. But, having such a large collection makes it hard to drink through things quickly, and having a bunch of unwrapped teabags isn’t ideal for longterm flavor preservation.

That annoyance aside- this tea is good. Really good. Annoyingly good.

This is the creamiest, most delicious bowl of vanilla ice cream you’ve ever had. It’s a milk oolong cranked to 1000.

Ugh, it’s been a long time that I drank a new tea that I got this excited about.

Flavors: Cream, Milk, Rice Pudding, Vanilla


“Ugh, it’s been a long time that I drank a new tea that I got this excited about.”

Feel that, maybe for a different reason than you. I don’t often have the freshest tea anymore due to my cupboard size.

Good to see you’ve found a tea that sparked joy!


I always throw unwrapped tea bags into old tea tins to keep them fresh longer!

Martin Bednář

I do like individually packaged tea bags for two reasons. First of all, I collect them. Secondly, they keep tea fresher for longer time, as it was mentioned already. So win-win for me.


I have tiny zip top baggies I bought in a craft store but now can only find on Amazon. You could put them in those, plus they are handy for swaps or carrying about four teaspoons of loose leaf tea with you.

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Hello! I live in Los Angeles with my boyfriend and 3 cats [+however many foster cats I have at the moment]. I’m also obsessed with all things spooky.

I became obsessed with the world of tea through DavidsTea years ago. I love to try new brands, so I’m constantly on the look out for new-to-me companies.

Favorite Brands:
Whispering Pines
The Necessiteas
August Uncommon
Jolie Tea Co.

Favorite flavors:
Sweet Potato

Red Rooibos

Though, I’ll taste anything once!

I mainly brew western style.I like my tea extremely strong, so I tend to use wayyyyy more dry leaf than suggested.


Los Angeles, CA

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