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I am not a huge fan of chocolate teas, but I had to try this one after a sniff! It smelled less like a chocolate bar, and more like cocoa – and the taste matched! I really enjoyed the fact that I could drink it before going to bed (yay 4 caffeine free Honeybush!). The only criticisms that I have are that the tin is difficult to get into, and I managed to spill about 3 cups worth of the tea when the lid finally did pop off, and there were no brewing instructions included with the tin – and with me being to lazy to go down to the computer I was forced to guess at the temps. But otherwise, a great tea!

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

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Review by Tamara: “I truly enjoy this cup of Tea, from the moment you open the container you can smell the warm aroma of superior loose leaf tea. Black teas are one of my favourites and this one certainly fits the bill…”

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I’m liking this tea btw!!!! :) Have any special projects for me btw!?

Its All About The Leaf

No special projects, but I DO have some Matcha coming from Do Matcha that requires actual experience with Match for a review – if you do I will lock you in right now for one of those… ;)


Sure…I’m up for the challenge…I’m not a pro with matcha but have had some good and not-so-good experiences with the ones I have tried…I’d love to try it tho! :P Also…any other TeaFrog ones I would LOVE to try…and write about…I have reviews in the works for the ones you already sent me…THANKS

Its All About The Leaf

Pro’ness not required, just familiarity with Match and knowing generally HOW to make it, and what to look for. I will send you an email Monday :)

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drank Love by TeaFrog
14 tasting notes

Melanie’s Review: “This rooibos blend from Tea Frog Tea is well named – I LOVE this tea!! According to Tea Frog: “Our most popular Rooibos blend, the Love blend is an aromatic delight that you will not be able to resist! This tea is so good, we sample it at every show, and sell out at every show! The scent and flavor are simply to die for!”….”

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Review by Mike D: “This green tea is also known as “precious eyebrows” due to its descriptive leaf shape. The rolled leaf is delicate, and boasts shades of dark jade green. A slightly sweet smell to the very small, uniform leaf size, indicative of good finishing and quality tea…”

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Jamies Review: “I got this sample from Teafrog and it lasted me all of two days…”

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A review by Jamie: “Dragon Well is one of the first green teas I tasted and one of the flavors that won me over from my coffee addiction. It’s been difficult for me to find a Dragon Well that I truly enjoy because I find the flavor of green tea to be a bit overwhelming for me but this is a fine grade…”

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Mike D wrote: “Oolongs come from primarily 3 regions Fujian & Guandong provinces PRC, and Tiawan. The mainland oolongs tend to have a savoriness to them – some describe this as a buttery feel. The Taiwan produced Oolongs, tend to be more delicate, and have a sweetness to them…”

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Review by Jamie: “I was told to cut out caffeine for a bit so I went to Teafrog looking for some rooibos decaf amusement and they came through for me with three tisane recommendations. Grabbed them all because I’m self indulgent that way (tea is my only real vise, I swear)…”

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Natalie writes: “I’ve been dipping my toe into the waters of the world of green teas and discovering the results can be sensational. I’ve only tested and tasted Japanese green teas, so I’ve been eager to try more Chinese green tea. Knowing that Dragon Well (Lung Ching) has a reputation for being the champagne of Chinese green teas and that it’s known as being a fairly light tea, I thought that this was the ideal time for me to try this tea from Tea Frog….”

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Review by Spencer E: “To brew this tea, I used about a tablespoon of leaves and four cups of boiling water. Steeped in a glass teapot, it was easy to see the leaves as they released a burnt orange liquor. Upon initially steeping this tea, the first thing I noticed was the incredibly light mouthfeel…”

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