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mmmmm…now this is what I was craving the other morning when I ended up sipping on Teavana. I love this tea. What I love the most, is how it doesn’t taste artificial at all.

Folks this tasted like tea. All “flavored teas” should taste like tea….but with a little something more.

A lingering of sweet pumpkin (not just pumkin spice…actual pumpkin) and a delicate milkiness.

Delightful sip.

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Well I guess I have been spoiled by high quality tea.

For an oolong the leaves are rather broken and looks a lot more like black tea but whatever.

I was feeling fall festive and noticed I had this in the pantry and hadn’t tried it yet. Felt like as good a time as any.

Well what I do notice is that it looks kinda gritty or filmy or something. Smells more like apple cider than pumpkin anything.

And the flavor is meh.

Not gonna be my seasonal favorite I’m afraid

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ok….def vegetal….earthy. Spinach. But smooth yet sharp. A little buttery but not creamy. More earthy. Earthy is the word. Strongest flavor upfront is the spinach or leafy green flavor. It’s a good sip tho. Classic oolong for me.

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Ok this is probably the oddest oolong for me. I guess I’m used to “green” oolong and all that grassy floral stuff

This reminds me of a toasty black tea. It’s only in the after notes that I recognize an oolong. It has a taste of roasted coffee and black tea and oddly…. A little roasted banana

Maybe I’m crazy. Quite possibly.

It’s a good sip tho. Would make an excellent morning oolong which doesn’t come across me often.

I like it

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Still one of my favorite teas of all time. Just ordered a ton more….it’s my daily go to tea. Perfect blend of perfection…nothing needed…no sugar or milk or anything.

Just sipping perfection

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Opening the pack…smells like grass and fields of flowers. Very pretty

Post brew (and most def do Gaiwan on this one. the leaves unroll like woah)smells Vegetal. Buttery. Soft.

Sipping….sweet, smooth, really nice buttery aftertaste…..light hint of floral on the tongue.

Very relaxing tea actually. A pleasant sip. :)

Thanks Teavivre for the awesome oolong sample! :)

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LOVE!! First of all can I say LOVE the name??! “Hello Sweetie…..” Ugh love. So blended this up this morning. Felt like this would be a good choice for a breakfast tea with its black tea base. It’s amazing! I didn’t add any sugar. It doesn’t need it. No milk either. It’s perfect just the way it is. The tea has obvious caramel and toffee notes. Then there’s a little coconut but not in a tropical way. Perfectly balanced. Then there’s nut. And a touch of banana on the tongue at the end. It’s glorious and probably my new perfect breakfast blend when I want something more complex. Delicious.

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Pretty good! It’s creamy and light. And I can barely tell it’s a blend. I do get the saffron at the very end. It lingers on the tongue. The jasmine is very light. Just a scent almost. Good summer oolong blend.

5 g 8 OZ / 236 ML

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I’m a cookie and dessert blogger from Texas….sort of. I love tea…always have…but since my husband and I cut out our nightly glass of wine the tea obsession has begun. Now I can’t get enough tea! I’m so glad I found this community. I learn a lot and it’s really fun.


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