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If you don’t like the taste, use it as a sachet… it smells gorgeous! I’ve always wanted to try a cucumber tea and this was my first and last stop. Perfect for icing, super fragrant, very well blended tea.

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Peachy Oolongy goodness. Delightful for icing. Keep in mind the health benefits of oolong :)

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I like the Malasa Chai and here’s why (like what I did there?) It’s a fantastic tea for recipes. A little tough on it’s own (on the spicy side,) but when combined with a little bit of this and a little bit of that, it makes a great healthy alternative to your Starbucks latte’.
Now, I’m well aware that a great tea stands alone, but it is really nice to have the option to use some teas from cooking and experimenting.
We post great recipes using Masala Chai on our Facebook page if anyone is interested (along with other great recipes.)

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Goodness, I DO NOT like earl grey, but I love this tea! Adagio does a great job with creating an alternative option for the standard earl grey. The undertone of creaminess eases the typical bite from the “bergamot.”

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Very good, mild tea! Some who love the super strength and potency of other teas may not love this tea, but it’s great for those with a more delicate pallet!
-Can be double steeped

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A nice tasting Kombucha. Tastes a lot like a carbonated juice that is not from concentrate. Very hearty and pleasant.

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Nice! To me, this tea smells spicier that it tastes (which is a good thing.)
I agree 100% that the orange is missing almost completely.
I would love a little of the citrus flavor to come through to taste like a truly wonderful tasting holiday-like tea.
Steeping too long makes the spices way too intense, I tried steeping for a shorter amount of time in a smaller mug and the taste was much better.

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We are now a brand new company! Check us out and like us on facebook, we love new friends and good advice! We utilize Steepster in such a big way. When selecting our new flavors, we take your highest rated teas (by flavor and note similarity,) and select the highest rated teas for tasting and base new blends off of your ratings and recommendations. We offer tea tasting for home parties and events and teach new customers about the health benefits of tea and demonstrate how to steep and infuse properly.


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