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I had this at a friend’s house this weekend. It’s a nice Oolong. I’m not sure what the ‘Grade II’ is all about, but it’s good. It’s just a hair green tea tasting (almost too fresh), which I prefer a little more rustic taste. I’m not sure if I’d buy it myself, but I’d have another cup of someone else’s!

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I’ve now tried this Jasmine tea hot and cold and it is delicious both ways. I’m going to try it again hot. I can’t decide which way I like it better. I’ve been chilling the tea in the refrigerator and serving in a chilled glass, but I’m not using any ice. I don’t want to water it down at all. Does anyone else have any ‘chilled tea’ ideas?


Cover the pearls with ice (no water); once the ice melts you have iced tea (the cold temperature of the ice should work just as well to brew it as hot temp). Sounds simple, and takes a while, but it works well.


Try this maybe?


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drank Bogart by Leland Tea Co
17 tasting notes

Very original and it smells really good. I like the creaminess. I’d like to try this tea with everything minus the Lapsang. I like that they tried adding it in here, but to me it doesn’t work.

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It’s getting way too hot outside. I was complaining just 3 weeks ago that it was cold and it didn’t feel like Summer, and now I’m eating those words. It’s super hot now and there’s no breeze. It’s time to turn to a tea that I tried iced last Summer and really did the trick. I really like the creamy flavor of this when it’s served hot, but it’s very refreshing on ice too.

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I’ve been spending way too much $ on tea lately! This is a pretty non standard Oolong. I like it. It’s a little milder than what I would usually call a good Oolong, but it has nice flavors.


Yep, spending mucho $$$ on tea is practically a given when you’re on Steepster! :)


True! It’s a guilty pleasure.

Stephen Wise

Thanks for trying our Iron Goddess – Glad you enjoyed it!

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A very earthly beautiful tea. Some time went into these.

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Very simple with some sweet notes

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OK, this really is better than the Matcha I have had before. I’m still not a fan, but I can see if I was going to drink it for health reasons, I would drink DoMatcha’s Matcha. It’s less bitter.

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This tea has a taste that covers my whole tongue if that makes sense. It’s very rounded, even and smooth. Again, I’m going to take part of the credit due to my excellent steep! ;-)

3 min, 15 sec

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drank Peppermint by Teavana
17 tasting notes

I’ve had this around for awhile and I like to add it to other teas, especially ice teas, but I had never had it alone.
I honestly don’t get it. It’s a nice Summer day, and I’m going to pour this out and get something that makes sense. I just feel like this is lacking something with heart.

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