Right as I poured the water in I could smell a rose scent like potpourri, but that only lasted half a second. Then it was replaced with this overwhelming artificial rose flavor and something similar to chocolate, but only so loosely similar that you could mistake it for something else. It smells artificial, and not all that appetizing.

The tea tastes like soap in the worst way possible. I don’t even want to finish it, and I usually feel bad about wasting tea. This is so bad, I’m not giving this a number, but I’m not recommending this to anyone either.

Flavors: Soap

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It’s almost time for elevensies, and I haven’t even had second breakfast. You don’t mind if I leave this blank, do you?

Just kidding.

So, there isn’t much to say honestly. I suppose I could say I enjoy tea – something quite obvious given my account. I could say that I’m not Peregrin Took as well, also obvious.

Anyway, I got tired of the babble, so I deleted it. I might even replace it at some point. I do need to go get my tea, though. I think I’ve left it steeping for too long. Oops.

My profile picture broke. I’m so upset. I had to get a new one.



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