90 Tasting Notes

drank Gaucho Mate by Vitala Tea
90 tasting notes

This is the only mate I’ve found that I like. Sadly, Vitala Tea no longer exists. This tea has been in my cupboard for a long time but it’s lost none of it’s flavor. It has a lovely spicy note that I’ve not found anywhere else and has a full mouth feel to it. It’s an awesome ‘tea’ that I wish I could get more of.

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Bought a sachet of this when we were out this last weekend. Normally, I don’t like flavored tea but couldn’t resist the vanilla/grapefruit combo. The smell of this tea upon opening the packet was almost enough to put me off. It was sort of sickeningly sweet. I can taste the grapefruit and the vanilla is more a smell I get when drinking. I was really hoping I could add this to my list of ‘must haves’ from Harney but alas! ’Tis not to be.

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Dry, the tea has a lovely ‘tea’ aroma. It’s all black and brown bits. The cup brews up a lovely amber color and loses none of the tea smell. It’s a light tasting tea with just a touch of dryness at the back of the mouth. I love this tea because it’s so good and it’s not going to break the bank. This is one tea that’s always in my cupboard and at work.

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I don’t normally buy flavored tea and I didn’t buy this one. My mom saw it when she was at Ikea and got it for me since I love rhubarb. It does smell very rhubarb-y upon opening the package. I don’t smell the vanilla at all. After brewing, the rhubarb calms down and something that might be vanilla comes out. But the taste is all rhubarb. Not a bad thing but vanilla might be nice, too, since it’s in the name.

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Caspian Bistro isn’t actually a tea store. It’s a little Greek restaurant on the U of MN campus. But they sell their house tea, which I used to love. I couldn’t get enough of the stuff. I usually buy the tea a few containers at a time since I live 200 miles away. And this last time it seems like they changed the recipe. Dry, the tea smells overwhelmingly fruity. Almost knocks me out. Brewing it up doesn’t help much. It’s still too fruity for my taste. But it’s a very complex tea with a lot going on. I can taste most of the things listed in different parts of my mouth. If they’d go back to their old recipe I could be in heaven once again. As is, it’s very ‘meh’.

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I was afraid of this tea for a long time because it looks like the tea you’d find in tea bags. And it has the same smell. But I finally got brave and tried it a couple of weeks back and it’s not bad. It’s quick to brew up because of the tiny leaves. And it’s a very dark cup. It is indeed a smooth tea with lots of flavor and depth. But it’s not my favorite tea. It’s ok but nothing special.

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drank Indian Nimbu by Harney & Sons
90 tasting notes

Normally, I abhor lemon in tea. But the lemon in this is barely noticeable. It’s there but if you didn’t know it was lemon you probably wouldn’t know what it is. Same with the caramel. And the two flavors play wonderfully off each other. This is one of a very few flavored teas that I like. I always buy this in the satchets and take it with me when I travel or go to restaurants (Yes, I really do that!).

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Opening the package I get a nice earthy aroma. But not the icky earthiness that makes me think of mud & worms. Upon brewing, it becomes a very mellow tea but still retains some of that earthiness. After TeaSource’s house Darjeeling, this could very easily become my everyday sipping tea.

Boiling 4 min, 15 sec

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I’m a sucker for tea that include a color. Unless it’s green. But this tea didn’t really thrill me. It tastes sort of bland. It doesn’t really have an aroma, either dry or brewed. I don’t have much experience with Assams so I’m not sure if I’m just missing something or if this is the way Assams are supposed to be. Either way I don’t think I’d be buying this one again.

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Before steeping, this tea has a very fruity aroma. Very sweet smelling. Almost too sweet. After brewing it loses most of that fruity sweetness and takes on an almost earthy scent. The flavor is smooth and mellow. It’s a lovely tea I almost can’t get enough of.

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I love tea. Some say I’m obsessed.

I don’t drink green tea and I don’t like iced tea. I also drink my tea naked with the exception of Earl Grey which gets just a bit of milk (not cream) and sugar.

I’m open to swapping tea! :-)


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