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Sipdown 8 of 2015. Sample. Purchased 5/2014 – Finished 12/2015.

I have had a few Ripe Pu’er. Of the few that I have tried this is my favorite, but I am not sure I am going to be a ripe pu’er fan. I can’t get over the rubber taste I get out of it. For this one I did about 4 rinses and then started drinking it. What I did like about it was that it was creamy and it made me relaxed really relaxed. The flavor was slightly spicy/mint?


sipdown 8 of 2016? but you’re doing it in 2015? heh


cheater! (i kid of course)


I started counting only thinking I would “sipdown” 2 or 3 teas before the new year, but looks like I got a little carried away. I will have to edit to 2015 and start from zero tomorrow:)


at least you’re getting somewhere!

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drank Nirvana by American Tea Room
694 tasting notes

Sipdown 7 of 2015. Sample from Beorhthraefn Thank you!

Received 10/2015 – Finished 12/2015

This is a slightly fruity green tea. This is really nice. I did not make this bitter yay! A little creamy, a little vegital. A pretty good afternoon cup.

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This is a very old sample, but damn this is good. I went hunting on the web site to see if they had anything similar for this years harvest. I wish I would have tasted this back when it was a bit fresher.

This is creamy and really light for a black tea. This is sweet and, is this really a black tea? Sweet, smooth and creamy. I can’t be sure that this sample hasn’t been infected with something I stored it next to, but what I am currently drinking is good. I will have to keep an eye on echo-cha’s website to see if this one comes around again.

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Sipdown 6 of 2015. Received 4/2014 – Finished 12/2015.

I did some searching on the discussion boards yesterday and realized I missed out on a group buy from Dammann Freres last year while growing a human. :( In the same search I realized how crazy reasonable DF teas are priced. I am trying to lay out a purchasing plan for tea this year and I think a DF will be in that plan.

So maybe I will see you again soon The des Poetes.

To recap this tea. There is hints of cinnamon, fruit, and anise. I can never tell you what all is in here, but the mixture blends well to make a really nice cup.

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Sipdown 5 of 2015. Received 10/2014 – Finished 12/2015. Small sample.

I really like Keemun, but I am always surprised at how different each one can be. This one is missing some of the elements that I love most about Keemun. It is a keemun that is missing a little bit of the thick base/and cocoa notes. From this tea I get a tad more floral. It is smooth and creamy, but missing the cocoa I like this one, don’t get me wrong. I would never turn down a cup, but I think if I had to choose one of TeaVivre’s Keemun’s it would not be this one.


This is an afternoon Keemun for me. I like to have that cocoa flavor in my mornings, I agree with you!

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Sipdown 4 of 2015. Received 11/2015 – Finished 12/2015.

OMG Netflix..seriously, Making a Murder! Why oh why did I even turn on the TV this weekend. I had been good, no tv for a few months, then a few days at home and bam. Of course there was a new series that begged to be binged watched, I also recently finished the first season of Serial so my brain is spinning. If you like true crime and have 10 hours of free time, or are easily sucked in…….

Trying this naked tonight. It is tasty, but I much prefer this with a tad bit of milk and sugar. Minty, creamy, and hints of chocolate. If some more were to ever come my way I would not complain, although I am not sure I would venture out to purchase more.

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I am kinda on the fence about this one. Cinnamon and me just do not get a long in tea too well. The slightest hint and well that is all I can taste. Once I smelled the cinnamon in this tea this morning I made it with milk and rock sugar. It was pretty decent. I got lots of spice and then hints of apple. I did re-steep this one and it was very light once re-steeped. I did not get many hints of almond or cake in this. For me it was more like tea cider. Good, but not my favorite.

Evol Ving Ness

I feel the same way about cinnamon in tea. I haven’t tried this one yet though.

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Started brewing this Tuesday, I only had about pours of it and then I got distracted so put in the fridge for today. Some teas hold up nicely to the fridge treatment, others don’t. This was to me didn’t loose any flavor. I pulled this out for my cooking tea this afternoon. It is like drinking wine and hot chocolate all in one cup. Dark roasted oolongs and I haven’t been getting along as much lately. I just haven’t been in the mood, so I am glad this one has been enjoyable.

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drank Masala Chai by Gong Fu Tea Shop
694 tasting notes

Chai + an orange chocolate thing. I would say it is a great combination.

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Sipdown 3 of 2015. Purchased 7/ 2014 – Finished 12/2015

This was a good tea, but I am not crazy about it like everyone else is. For me the base tea was so good that the vanilla was taking away from the awesomeness of the base. I can see the attraction, but for me I will stick with the naked North Winds on this one.


I think I like North Winds more too ;)

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I started drinking tea while on a 4 month long cycling trip through South America. It seemed to always be a great way to warm up when I was cold and it was always available everywhere. Mate was the big tea of choice down there and it was also a great way to get to know people. When I returned home, my sister introduced me to Teavana and this launched me into the realm of loose leaf tea.

Earl Grey Cream – Zen Tea
North Winds – WP
Zho Ru -Verdant
Golden Monkey – H&S
Milk Oolong – Gong Fu Tea
Nahorhabi Assam – H&S


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