This comes as a sample from the “2020 Chen Sheng Dictionary Raw Pu-erh Tea”. I don’t have any other information and I can’t find it for sale anywhere. If anyone knows something more about this tea please enlighten me.

About the tea:
Aroma at first is something woody and dark floral, tasting the rinse I’m surprised by the strong power and pleasant bitterness, I drink the whole rinse feeling it would be a waste to discard it. The first infusion is… wow, astonishing cacao/herbal bitter-sweetness, round, full in the mouth. The flavour glues from the roof of mouth to the top of the throat, lingering for several minutes after swallowing. I find it really intense and satysfing. The qi hits immediately leaving me quite destabilised.
From the second infusion I get a nice spicy/woody/herbal/floral aroma, quite strong. The soup keeps being intensely sugary-bittersweet, with some ginseng/liquorice. The act of swallowing feels like downing a bucket of thick, oily, aromatic substance that permeates the whole body. There’s a bit of cooling feeling.

Aroma is more malty and fruity, soup is stable and strong, a bit more dry. Qi is very aggressive and feels like my brain is melting. This tea reminds me of W2T “I am”, I need to try that one again.

dryer, less sweet. Bitterness gets sharper.

aroma gets lighter and a bit more cooling. Soup is still strong but sharper more herbal.
Start feeling a hole in my stomach, maybe time to eat something.

I’m still doing 5 seconds steeps. More vegetal this time, strong bitterness but thinner body. Some vanilla.

Still strong but definetly dry and quite bitter.

more mushrooms. Now it’s hard on my stomach, and getting more stimulating. I should stop.

I wonder how many more steeps this would last… Anyway, it was a very remarkable experience. Not for everyday because of the heaviness. After 1 hour I still feel high in a strange way, I’m also sweating. I feel some more age would make the last infusions more friendly.

Boiling 3 g 2 OZ / 50 ML

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