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This is the other part of my order that arrived today—my first order from 52teas. I chose this flavor because anything described with “butter” I have to try. And with cinnamon too? I love cinnamon. Okay, on to my review:

Dry leaves: Directly from the opened pouch, the scent is dark, sweet and tangy—very “purple”— overlaid with a dry spiciness. The purple-ness reminds me of dates, specifically date candy (like those coconut date rolls from Trader Joe’s but without the coconut).

Brewed: The aroma is cinnamon dates, or a mulled plum wine….served in an opium den. And for some reason, I’m reminded of an ancient asian herbal shop. Must be the “hint of smoked Assam”.

Taste: I’m not getting much butter or toast, but I do get the raisins and cinnamon and black tea. I love the smokiness of this—it’s new to me and makes me want to branch out to try more smoky teas—like Lapsang Souchong (or the Smoky Bacon!).

Last words: I like it! It is, surprisingly, a very “atmospheric” tea. The scent is intoxicating and the taste is mysterious.


Haha it was the butter part that scared me… blech… Glad you like it though!

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drank Malted Genmaicha by 52teas
314 tasting notes

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drank Malted Genmaicha by 52teas
314 tasting notes

I just got this in the mail today and was so excited to try it! It smells like Rice Crispies cereal with a bit of Fruity Pebbles mixed in—yummy!!! :)

The taste kind of reminds me of a Green Tea Latte from Starbucks (which is matcha with steamed milk—I ask for it without the melon syrup sweetener). There is a “Fruity Pebbles” element to this which is interesting—I’m not sure how I’m getting the fruitiness—maybe it’s the malt flavoring?

I really like this! It’s a milky, creamier genmaicha. I will definitely order more because I can see myself drinking this everyday.

52teas, please make this a part of your permanent collection!!

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This is one of the blends I made for myself on Adagio Teas.

While studying abroad in England at 19, I was introduced to this wonderful, rich treat called Devonshire Clotted Cream. I would make the time to steal away for “Cream Tea” and have Earl Grey with clotted cream on scones with jam—it was heavenly.

There’s definitely nothing like clotted cream here in the States, so whenever I have it, it brings back so many good memories of that time in England. It was my first taste of real independence—abroad and on my own! So I made a tea to commemorate that feeling.

I’m happy to say it came out really well. It’s just a simple blend of mostly cream and vanilla, but it’s very comforting and smells so rich and cozy. It has a malty, almost toasty scent and the vanilla is subtle but delicious.

I had a tough day at work, but I’m slowly winding down with this tea and I almost feel like myself again.


This sounds really good, but it also sounds like a tea I’d drink out of tiny espresso cups as it also sounds like it’d be sickeningly sweet in large quantities.


It’s more creamy than sweet. And the black tea base adds some bitterness to even it out.


I love a good proper British cream tea. Why are the scones in the USA the size and density of boulders? That sounds like a good tea and I may be compelled to buy it.


Do you add some cream to make it creamier or is it okay just as is?

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I’m starting the day today with this. It’s a really good wake-up tea! Now I want to eat something sweet…

ahh—the office candy jar!

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drank 1000 Cranes Blend by Teas Etc
314 tasting notes

This seems to settle the stomach after a heavy meal—maybe it’s the astringency of the strawberries? It’s very refreshing. The slight sweetness makes this work well as a dessert tea, also.

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drank Genmaicha by The Tao of Tea
314 tasting notes

Very toasty scent. The taste is mostly of brown rice with just a hint of grassy green-ness. This is a soothing, warm, savory tea. I love genmaicha and this brand is very good.

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I guess I’m just used to the newfangled “super” Earl Greys from the newer tea companies because I’m surprised on how light on the bergamot this is! Even the black tea taste is light. This seems like such a dainty, weak little tea.

Is this how Earl Grey is supposed to taste like? If so, I guess it’s too “refined” for my taste! ;)

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My ratings are purely subjective and each note varies according to my perception and mood at the moment. So, with that said, my rating scale can be deciphered as follows:
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80-89: This is good. It is full-tin worthy! :))
79-70: This is okay. Glad I tried it. Might get more. :)
69-60: Meh. I’m indifferent. Neither here nor there, this is Tea Purgatory. :/
59-under: Mediocre and Sad. Really not good enough to try again. A disappointment. :(

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