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drank Creme Brulee by Tea Queens
772 tasting notes

I assume this is the same creme brulee black tea that can be purchased at said Queen Mary Tea House in Seattle because that’s where I got it. My mother got some when we had afternoon tea (I had the Almond tea which is also great) and I tried some of hers and had to buy some.

This particular cup is not as great as I remember, mostly probably because I oversteeped it by I don’t even know how long because I was brushing one of the cats and it is shedding season so that took longer than expected so it’s more burnt than caramel this cup but I have an entire canister and I intend to enjoy the crap out of it.


Sounds delicious!!


I feel a group buy coming on…I would love some of this (but can’t commit to a full bag/tin). They have a lot of great flavoured teas on their website.

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Apparently I’ve had this before? At any rate, based on the suggestions of Steepsterites on the discussion board about coconut tea, I bought 100g of this and I’m glad I did. I had some at work on Wednesday and it was delicious. I’ll be happy to drink down this bag (and probably fast because, you know, coconut).

I can also only assume certain things about this tea because the bag I got, purchased online, has everything only in french. As does the other tea I bought, which I vaguely remember being maple tea and am going to have to send through a translator to be sure.

Evol Ving Ness

Gotta love the province of Quebec language laws. :)

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Sipdown! This was better than I remember it being so I’m going to bump the rating. I don’t know why it has gotten better with extreme age but I like it a whole lot more than my current rating of 56 would suggest. It’s not my favourite thing but I will miss it if only because quince reminds me of my grandmother (RIP) and that’s always a wonderful memory.

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Apparently this was already saved to my wishlist but I got it as a sample with my most recent order and man, I hadn’t remembered how delicious it is. I got 2 steeps out of it and wow. I don’t usually wow on a rooibos blend but this one is so very very well done.

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drank Mindful Morning by Lia Leaf
772 tasting notes

I drank this tea a week ago so I don’t remember much except it was exceptionally floral, as one might expect and had a bit of a weird aftertaste that I just couldn’t get over.

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Minty and good. I prefer this over straight peppermint but I like combinations of the two better than each individually. Good calming tea on a frightfully busy morning when I am very very tired.

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drank Chrysanthemum Tea by Teazen
772 tasting notes

Very flowery and I can’t tell much difference between this and chamomile.

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I still love this tea but for whatever reason it’s a whole lot maltier and…thicker mouthfeel and just darker than I remember it being. Not that it’s a bad thing. Perhaps age is doing it? I bought this tin a while ago. It’s still good, just I think my own tastes have changed and I’m back in search of a favourite vanilla tea although Queen Mary’s Creme Brulee may have taken the spot.

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And apparently I drank it last just 2 weeks ago and forgot how it tasted. Holy depression, what are you doing to my brain?


I hope you have the support you need beyond medication <3

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Despite previous poor reviews (all 2 of them), I’m finding this tea to be pretty interesting and tasty. I sweetened it a bit, and added milk, which may have helped. It’s very fruity with a definite black undertone. I can’t taste the yerba mate that is supposedly in it, thankfully. I wouldn’t say it’s a spectacular tea that I’d buy again (it came in one of my Sips By boxes) but it’s interesting that I’ll keep the rest and drink it down.

205 °F / 96 °C 4 min, 30 sec

The tea has two pages for some reason: https://steepster.com/teas/tiesta-tea/37329-passion-berry-jolt

Not that the reviews on the other page are more positive.


Seems to have about the same rating on both, but yes those need to be combined. We need jason to give someone moderator power to do that. All I can do is mark spammers that have been around less than 2 weeks.

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Single, vegetarian, asexual, 5 cats. Airplane Engineer. I drink most of my tea with a bit of sugar and all the ones with a black tea base with a little bit of milk too. I’m super sensitive to bitterness and spiciness so I tend to avoid those.


Renton, WA, USA

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