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My first 7542 experience. Didn’t take notes but a great session, lasted many steeps deep with many different elements unfolding in each steep. Nice clean Taiwan storage (c/o Beautiful Taiwan Tea Co.) that has really developed the tea but doesn’t have any of the off/musty elements that can turn me off from tea that’s been stored in really humid conditions.

Flavors: Plum

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Delicate, clean flavor that reminds me of “sweet wild” puer that I’ve had (and the leaves have a reddish/purplish tint that suggests they may indeed be that varietal). Broth is very full-bodied and thick on the tongue. Sweetness is not a cloying honey sweetness but a little more creamy, elusive. I think I’m coming to this tea a little too late to get the fragrance, but too soon for the age to have had much of an impact. Very mellow even when pushed with fairly long brew times.

Flavors: Creamy

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Nice, soft aroma comes off the wash, with sweet and vegetal characteristics that make me think of creamed spinach. Soup is a bit thin in the mouth, pleasant and inoffensive, with floral characteristics that continue through later steeps. Very mild, was hard to get bitterness out of this one even pushing to full boil (I usually go 200° for young sheng) and longer steeps than I usually do. Not feeling any particular energy from this one, and nothing particularly complex, but at ¢9/gram one can hardly complain. Decent daily drinker.

Flavors: Cream, Spinach

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Lovely aroma from the rinse, coats the mouth from the first sips with a sort of soapy moutheel (I know that doesn’t sound appealing, but it’s very nice!). A very light flavor with just an undertone of bitterness, and a nice perfumey, floral top. Some definitely heart-pounding energy to this one.

Flavors: Butter, Perfume, Soap, Vanilla

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Fresh, crisp fruit flavors, with a very light body. Not as malty or substantial as a lot of white teas, giving it a very elegant taste—maybe due to the long withering? Unique and delicious.

Flavors: Apple, Mango

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