Days after I suffered the news that my beloved Jasmine Oolong had been discontinued by a certain “Place where tea goes when it dies” I may have found a worthy replacement.

I overlooked this tea a few times because, honestly, dry leaf smell is strong and overly floral. Very very feminine smelling, and I’m a dude I use tools to fix stuff. But on my last trip to ZenTea I decided to just go ahead and grab some. Holy Smokes! I’m glad I did!

The TGY base for this is fantastic. Take away the magnolia scent and it’s easily one of the best oolongs in the store. And contrary to what the dry leaf smell would have you believe it’s not at all over powered by the magnolia scent. The magnolia seems to highlight certain aspects of the TGY, I’m constantly getting a citrus note, and another thing that’s almost coconut but really just reminds me of suntan lotion. I know that sounds gross but I’m really enjoying this. There’s complexity here. I digs.

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I’m a professional musician. I tour the country and shake my ass to pay for my tea habit.

I tried a cup of some very good Tieguanyin in 2009. That was it. Tea became my thing.

I love pure teas. I love oolongs with natural orchid aroma, winey keemuns, and most things jasmine. I dislike things that taste artificial.

My tea rating system is mostly arbitrary.

There’s a tea for every occasion and I hate having occasions missing from my tea stash.


Atlanta, GA

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