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Smells like homeless feet but MAN does this junk knock me out!


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Ahhhhhhh….. sweet serenity.

On stressful days White Jasmine Rose knows what I need. So relaxing. And such a pretty tea with the green of the Bai Mu Dan and the pink and red rose petals. This jasmine and rose offering from ZenTea brings me back to center.

Gotta have compassion for myself. It’s hard being a being.

Rachel J

Your notes always make me chuckle. Thanks.

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I didn’t like this tea the first two times I drank it…. I’ve now been drinking it gong fu for about two hours. I get it now.

At first I thought “Meh, it’s ok”
Now I’m thinking “Tea baffles me”

Can’t wait to try more stuff from Mr. Duckler

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What I’m drinking here is a first flush of Zen Tea’s Organic Darjeeling. Connie, the owner of Zen Tea (www.ezentea.com), mentioned that this was one of their best sellers – that people were buying pounds at a time every weekend from their shop in the Atlanta area. I grabbed 2oz. for under $7.

I’m going to try this gongfu style. I’ve never done Indian tea that way. We’ll see how it goes.

Oh man! This tea is good! I can see why it’s so popular. It’s not entirely special or original, it’s exactly what a first flush darjeeling smells and tastes like. It’s like several other darjeelings I’ve had, but still… this one is done very very well.

Light and crisp citrusy/woody/assamica aroma. Citrusy flavor on the back of the tongue. I’m getting apple notes and classic assam flavors. Very mild astringency at the back of the throat.

This tea would blend well with apples or ginger.

I totes mc’goats recommend this tea. – Your Friend Rashad

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Aww yea! A package from Verdant!

I’m doing this western style. Why? Cuz ‘Murica that’s why.

The malty chocolate is the first responder to the tea emergency in my mouth. While malty chocolate is performing CPR on my tounge bean flavor sneaks in to draw blood. Finally, Tieguanyin appears to coddle me and tell me everything will be alright.

Chocolate, nuts and beans all up front. Long sweet finish smacks the palate with Tieguanyin.

Oh man, this is some good tea. It’s become more floral. I’m also getting some assam black tea flavors.

195 °F / 90 °C 3 min, 0 sec

Hahaha Cuz ’Murica. Love it.

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I’m a professional musician. I tour the country and shake my ass to pay for my tea habit.

I tried a cup of some very good Tieguanyin in 2009. That was it. Tea became my thing.

I love pure teas. I love oolongs with natural orchid aroma, winey keemuns, and most things jasmine. I dislike things that taste artificial.

My tea rating system is mostly arbitrary.

There’s a tea for every occasion and I hate having occasions missing from my tea stash.


Atlanta, GA

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