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I don’t have much experience yet with Dancongs, so I can’t compare this to anything, but I do think it’s really quite nice. Tealux has become one of my very favorite suppliers, they have yet to disappoint me. I’ll share with you my notes.

Dry leaf smell much like raisins and maybe sweet potato. While steeping it has a bean-like quality that is very much like a green tea mao feng.

Here’s the best way to describe this tea: Very much like a green tea up front, a malty-grain quality that reminds me of Laoshan Black, and a long smooth sweet honey finish. Yessir.

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Forgot I had this. It’s still good even though it’s a couple years old.

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Something in this tisane has an unpleasant flavor. I don’t know what it is. But I don’t think this was blended for taste, I’m pretty sure it was blended for results. Well This gets results, it’s like liquid Xanax. I’m having trouble typing.


Liquid xanax? Theoretically if you drink enough of it, you’ll stop caring how it tastes!

My Friend Rashad

That’s so true.

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This is nice. It smells like Al-Fakher apple flavored hookah tobacco. Also has a floral element. I made it kinda weak. Still good.

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I’ve been out of town for a few days playing gigs so I haven’t had the opportunity to drink any real tea. I’ll make up for that now. This tea is a tea lover’s tea.

Remember Sonic The Hedgehog? Remember his friend Tails? This tea looks like a bunch of Tails’ tails. Golden and furry! They look like little dried fox tails. Dry leaf smell is kind of like a cross between cocoa powder, cardamom, and turmeric. The same goes for the steeping aroma but with cinnamon as well.

It certainly has some assam flavors, though I don’t know if it actually is an assam. It’s definitely more on the Chinese side of black tea flavor than the Indian side, but the assam aspect is there. It has a medium amount of maltyness, and medium thickness of texture. It’s floral but also caramely.
The flavors are complex but delicate. There’s a lot there but you really have to search for it. I like that in tea.

This is a very good Dian Hong. I am aware that there are some seriously mind blowing Dian-Hongs out there, but this one is nothing to sneeze at. Sticky furry buds ya’ll.

EDIT: Since it’s cooled off a little it’s a much thicker creamy texture.

EDIT #2: It becomes more floral on the 2nd steep and much much more floral on the third.

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Terri HarpLady

This sounds really tasty! I also had a busy weekend playing gigs :)
It’s always nice to have awesome teas to come home to!

My Friend Rashad

Well, I bought an electric kettle to use on the road but I always forget to bring it. I bring tea bags but I never travel with the good stuff.

Rachel J

Ah, musicians who actually gig. I couldn’t deal and now exclusively teach. Much better for my state of mind. Hats off to you guys.

Terri HarpLady

I’m so heavily booked locally that I don’t travel much, although I have a stainless steel electric kettle for when I do. The biggest bummer of tea on the road is the terrible water you end up with.

My Friend Rashad

The majority of my gigs are out of state, and I go all over the country. I do bring tea bags with me but only for emergencies. It’s cool when I end up in places with great tea houses, but usually it’s tea from a coffee shop and their selection is never as good as mine.

My Friend Rashad

But yes Terri, water in some places is very very bad. Especially Cleveland.

Terri HarpLady

and orlando

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There is butter… in my tea? How did they do that? I smell real butter. Of course there’s pineapple and cake, yea yea whatever. Butter! It’s wild. Goes well with my cigar. Cheers.

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Every time I drink Climber’s high I think about this:




This tea sounds like an odd mix of ingredients, but after reading your rave reviews, I’m sorry I didn’t get a sample with my last Tealux order. Will have to put it on the wishlist for next time.

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What a nice tea. I don’t feel like I need to write notes on it because there are already so many of them. I will say that the TGY base is awesome! The frankincense and saffron can be hard to detect if you aren’t very familiar with those aromas but they are there. I love floral teas, I love the natural floral aromas of a TGY, I like jasmine, I like incense, but considering how much I like all of those things I don’t like this tea as much as you would imagine I would. It’s weird. Hmm…

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I drink this every morning when I’m still in a murderous blind rage. I don’t like waking up very much. It comes in satchets and is a very good malty assam. Lots of caffeine. A strong lingering yummy honey-malt flavor. I got a tin of it on clearance somewhere.

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I can’t imagine how they came up with the name for this. It has a very strong caramel (chestnut apparently) cake aroma. I don’t detect any jasmine. I really don’t know if I agree with the white tea base here, all I can taste is caramel cake. It’s good and all, I just prefer complexity in my tea. I’m gonna mix this with a chai next time, or something with orange and cinnamon. Mulling spices maybe? Anyway, caramel cake would be a much better name for this tea.

My Friend Rashad

This flavor would be AWESOME with a Tieguanyin base.


The name is a bit lame, sounds like a saop opera title « Secret of Looooove» LOL!

My Friend Rashad

Well, I’m a total sap. I must admit the name is the only reason I added it to my order. I thought maybe it would be a very romantic tea.


Hahaha! Nothing wrong with that Rashad, on the contrary, the world is a better place with romance in it :-) Sorry this tea was such a let down then :-(

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I’m a professional musician. I tour the country and shake my ass to pay for my tea habit.

I tried a cup of some very good Tieguanyin in 2009. That was it. Tea became my thing.

I love pure teas. I love oolongs with natural orchid aroma, winey keemuns, and most things jasmine. I dislike things that taste artificial.

My tea rating system is mostly arbitrary.

There’s a tea for every occasion and I hate having occasions missing from my tea stash.


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