Recent college grad and tea newbie.

I was first introduced into the world of tea by my friend who had Teavana’s Chai/Chai blend in our apartment. I fell in love with it; I never knew tea could be so tasty! I began to explore more Teavana teas and I found Steepster while looking for HONEST tea reviews… I almost never trust reviews on a company’s website they are almost always all positive! Eventually, (in a couple months actually) I got tired of their teas and decided to use Steepster to effectively help me find other tea companies. Wow!! It was like a whole underground world I never knew existed and while I’m not too fond of Teavana anymore (some of their teas are still tasty IMHO, but it really depends on what you’re looking for), I really have to thank them and my friend for introducing me to this lifestyle.

It hasn’t even been a full year yet so my nose and palate are still getting used to exploring the different nuances of tea. And I haven’t yet worked my way into being able to fully appreciate unflavored teas and detect the different flavors and complexities. It’s like my tongue knows that there is more depth or complexity in one tea than the other but I can’t exactly describe what or why. I want to be able to distinguish these things (I can kind of do it with wine but that’s taken me almost two years). Oh great, then I’ll be labeled both a tea AND a wine snob! :P

As for ratings, anything over 60 I enjoy to some degree even though I haven’t tasted a tea I despise, but I have a long journey ahead.


Jersey City, NJ

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