47 Tasting Notes

drank Vanilla Bourbon by TWG Tea Company
47 tasting notes

From the second the tea was poured I could smell a very strong, sweet vanilla aroma. Apart from that I could not smell much else. Taste-wise, it wasn’t bitter but it was rather tasteless and delicately sweet. I have the suspicion that it was diluted a tad too much. No tea, however ‘delicate’, should be this bland. The vanilla was definitely there though, judging from the scent. There was also a sourish aftertaste, probably due to the natural flavor of the rooibos.

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This seemed to be a red tea, instead of the usual black. There was the same sourish aftertaste that I had gotten from a rooibos tea once. Also in the aftertaste was a herb-ish taste from the bergamot. The bergamot aroma and flavor were not as strong as TWG’s Earl Grey Gentleman Tea. I love bergamot, so this mildness disappointed me. I couldn’t detect much citrus flavor; I was more preoccupied with the floral notes of the cornflowers. Unlike ‘regular’ Earl Grey, I don’t think this tea could stand up to the addition of milk.

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This tea is a light pinkish-red color that isn’t off-putting, thankfully. It carries a sweet aroma of raspberries that doesn’t smell too artificial. Has a tart and subtle flavor, but the addition of sugar or honey balances that out nicely. Pleasant and refreshing. I expected the raspberry to be overwhelming but it’s quite gentle.
I would recommend this cold steeped for 30 – 45 minutes

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drank Green Tea by Lipton
47 tasting notes

A very ‘meh’ experience, and not particularly flavorful. Unremarkble, except that it gets bitter very easily and like most green teas, should be steeped only for a short period of time.

2 min, 0 sec

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My first encounter with Tea Voyage was in a shopping mall where they were peddling. Tea Voyage is an online store but they peddle in malls in Singapore.
First off, I love the simple packaging. It comes as loose tea leaf and stems in a ziploc foil bag.
The blueberry gives off a very sweet smell, but the same strength doesn’t come through in the actual taste. A light tea with a woody flavor that is owing to the stems, and a subtle sweetness from the blueberries.
I would appreciate it more if I liked light teas, but I usually prefer strong ones.
Short steeping time, and good for two steeps.

2 min, 0 sec

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Earl grey is my favorite tea, and it was TWG that introduced me to it! Needless to say i fell in love pretty quickly. The bergamot aroma is very strong, and the taste almost equally so. Apart from the bergamot, I’m not getting any citrus flavor, but that’s fine with me. The flavor holds up well to milk, which I love.

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drank Solid Assam by Lipton
47 tasting notes

Weak and flavorless. I had to steep two teabags to a cup. Disappointing overall. It is, however, not undrinkable. I finished the whole box and it wasn’t unpleasant, but it wasn’t great either.


I’ve never a good cup of tea from Lipton


That’s what my mom said too.

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