Color: light+ maple with hints of reddish amber and touches of green in denser areas.   With longer steeping the color can reach chocolate to coffee.
Aroma: Wet earth with hints of zoo animal/horse-barn, subtle sweetness and a background of malt and old paper.
Taste: Classic, yet mild, sweet moist top soil and very mild notes of barnyard, malt and leather.  Soft+ mouthfeel, light tannins and I nice lingering finish with lasting mild astringency and throat sweetness reminiscent of older tea trees.
Physical/Mental Effects: Mild but clearing head and internal energy with relaxed muscles.  This intensified during the 3rd 4oz cup and continued in strength with each following cup.  Into 2nd 16oz steep a clear Cha Zui is present with focus yet wandering mental effects.
Notes:  1 nest per 16oz water and a 3:30 steep…  color notes are based on the very first cup.  The color, astringency and overall strength increased (as expected) as the tea sat in the water.

Boiling 3 min, 30 sec

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A Food and Beverage professional for over 15 years in Chicago Illinois and professional musician. Studying tea, along with wine, beer, spirits and food has been a lifetime passion.
Aside from my service profession I am a private music teacher and music director for multiple music ensembles including The Chicago Zither Orchestra.
Pastimes include composing instrumental music, collecting and listening to historical and rare classical music recordings, gourmet cooking and enjoying the sport of baseball.

Tea: I am really into a wide variety of teas. I tend to avoid flavored teas but will try herbal teas. If I had to list favorites I am a fan of Japanese shaded green teas, Darjeeling 1st flushes, Assam 2nd flushes, Pu-erh (sheng and shou), Oolongs and delicate refined whites. I really do not have a favorite tea, just as I do not have a favorite food, wine, artist or composer… as there are just far too many enjoyable variables and differences that can be “my favorite” depending on the context.

Feel free to private message me about whatever.


Chicago, Illinois



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