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This was the perfect cup to wake me up this morning. Stephanie and I shared the Amoda box from last month and this is the one I was most excited about! And I am truly satisfied! Made this as a latte the second steeping and it did not disappoint. The nuttiness from the nutmeg and the natural creaminess that came through was magnificent! I so hope this becomes a permanent blend for Butiki! Definitely on my top fav from Butiki! Mmmmm mmmm good!


:D :D :D

BrewTEAlly Sweet

This was out there! I loved it! Thank you!

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I was hesitant to order this one way back in October but I did! And ya I know… I’m just getting around to opening it today. As it was steeping I was a little worried that I did it wrong. It was very light color for a black tea. But the taste was delicious. The aroma definitely made my kitchen smell like chocolate. My boyfriend even asked if I made some different type of hot chocolate ha ha. I told him it was tea. But tasted like Whoppers. Ha ha. I ate some of this with a candied almond cinnamon roll I picked up in pismo where I spent my day off:)



very relaxing and fun:)
Overall this tea would make a delicious latte… Unfortunately I went to the fridge to find out I was all out of milk:( next time for sure though! It’s a very smooth and creamy, yet malty cup on its own.

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All of this stuff sounds amazing :)

BrewTEAlly Sweet

Ha ha it was:) thanks


Ooh, that cinnamon roll looks amazing! Where did you get it? My grandfather lives down there in Pismo. I think I should make a point to visit! Haha!

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I got this in my BF order. I am a true die hard OREO fan. I was so excited for this one.
I like my matchas strong so I added a little more than usual. With some whole milk and some sugar.
Hmmm… Not what I was expecting.
It’s sweet and dessert like but I can’t pin point the flavor.
It’s not Oreo or cookies and cream.
But it’s not bad either. Definitely a good cup but idk.
I’m at a loss for words at what this flavor is:)


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Once I got home from the holidays this was the first one I grabbed from my ginormous butiki order from BF. I loved it!!!! So so so much!
I steeped 10oz of this in my DAVIDsTEA Steeper. 1 1/2 TB for 4 mins at 180 degrees.
At first, I tasted the ever so sweet honeysuckle taste. Oooooh then came this earthiness, smoky flavor? Is that the chestnut? Hmmmm… Then there is a tangy tartness! This tea is complex! I love it!

The second steep was for 5 mins.
This one was bold! Yet sweet! Buttery… Something I can’t depict. I liked the first steep better…

I did brew a third steep for 6 mins. But… I forgot to drink it. :(

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Mehhhh I was not a fan of this. I am not in favor of smokey teas unfortunately. There were hints of tart from the cherry and a taste that reminded me of burnt sugar maybe that was the smokiness combining with the caramel untertones. So therefore I cannot rate this tear out of my dislike in this taste.

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I am very behind on tasting notes!
I had this last week. And its definitely my favorite of the Steepster Select Box. I’ve never had an oolong, especially a green oolong that has held this much complexity and richness. I am truly in love with it. Where has this been all my life! The first steep you can tasye and smell the coffee. The richness of the brown sugar sweetens this cup and gives the tea an amazing amber color. So pretty! You also get the tart rich flavor from the concord grapes, and ooooh my favoritr part! The creaminess of the coconut. The steepings only get better each infusion:):) man if only I could afford this.

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I had this one yesterday. It’s from my first month of steepster select:)
The color of the buds are so pretty! And the color of the liquor steeped is so beautiful! It’s this rich caramel color! But wow they weren’t kidding with the notes of tobacco! That’s a majority of the flavor the first 2 steeps. The later steeps definitely calm with the tabaco and take over with a creamy honey flavor:) I like it but it’s not my favorite golden yunnan. Definitely a quality tea! I’m just not a fan of the tabaco essence.

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This sample was near perfection. I got this as part of my Black Friday purchase. This was the December sample:) and a great one at that!
I made this with whole milk a tad of sugar and a handful of ice and in my ninja pulse blender it went:)
I sware this could pass as the real deal egg nog except for the color and the texture of course ha ha.
The flavors here were spot on. The nutmeg, the cinnamon, the creaminess!
This is genius I say! Pure genius! This one tastes just like the eggnog tea I had last week! I think it is amazing how spot on some teas can be! If you haven’t tried this and love egg nog I highly recommend it! This sample was delicate flavor intensity, if I had the money I would so love to try the intensifies versions of this or maybe a white matcha version of this!
Ooooooh yummy I’m just drooling at the concept. Ha ha. Anyways…
LOVE THIS! End of story. I may have to splurge and purchase just this one.

Jackie O

I have this one on the way in the mail right now, I cant wait to try it now!!

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I cancelled my blends box last month because I was going to save money for this month but when I saw the spoiler on Facebook for this month and I saw this one!! I HAD to order!
I drank this one all morning and all day. This morning I whipped up some French toast waffles and had this along side me. I was so hoping to have that cinnamon-y snicker doodle-esque flavor. But wow! Coriander and ginger! So powerful the first steep. The second steep was creamier and I got more of the cookie flavor. The coriander and ginger weren’t so strong but still there. The third steep the coriander and ginger were almost gone. It was a very very like clean steep:
While this wasn’t at all what I expected it was a nice experience. The second steep was definitely my favorite of the three. The first steep was steeped 1 minute, 2nd was 3 minutes and 3rd was 6mins. I highly recommend over leafing a tad bit and longer steeps. This one definitely needs a little sweetness to bring out the cookie flavors. I might have this one one more time and then probably add this to my stash that is being sold in a discussion:)


Exactly…longer, more leaf and sweet!

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Tea #11 from Another TTB
This one was definitely minty! The dry leaf smelled just like Girl Scout thin mints! To the taste it was a strong mint tea to me. I added sugar and a little milk and ah ha!!! There was the thin mint cookie taste! The chocolate wasn’t very powerful which I wish it would have been. This was a nice cup but not something that would be a staple in my cupboard. I have one more tea from the box and then I will be sending it out Monday!

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Hi! I am a 20 year-old from Salinas, California. I attended school in Monterey and played softball for my JC. I recently moved to San Luis Obispo, CA where I got a job as a full time baker and I LOVE my job! I have always loved to bake and cook since I was young and actually started my own cupcake business in highschool to help pay for my senior year as well as pay my way through college. Once I moved my cupcake business was put on hold, but I still love what I’m doing now. I love to work with children and hope to transfer soon to a college for child development or family psychology. I would also love to go to culinary school! I have a lot of things I want to do and am determined to do them! I am a huge tea enthusiast. I love to read about tea. Learn about tea. Make tea. Drink tea. Taste new flavors.

I am also very big on reading and always enjoy a good read. If you ever have any reccomendation never be afraid send it my way!

I am really excited to be a part of this tea community and can’t wait to trade tips, teas, recipes and treats!

PM me with any of the above and I can’t wait to meet you all!


(Salinas, Ca ) San Luis Obispo, CA

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