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Traveling Tea Box C #2
This was my after work tea today. While it was a good cup it was not what I was expecting. The flavors weren’t as strong as I would have liked them to be. And sadly I didn’t taste the pumpkin. Just the spices. I ended up adding cream and sugar to finish it off:) and I’m guily of even adding whipped cream on top and a dash of cinnamon. I was going for the pumpkin pie effect. As I sipped the rest I stumbled upon this quote on the back of the tea bag package.
“Tea tempers the spirit and harmonizes the mind, dispels lassitude and relieves fatigue, awakens thought and prevents drowsiness. The spirit of tea is one of peace, comfort and refinement.”
-Lu Yu, The Sage of Tea
Welp! 2 down and plenty more to go!

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Traveling Tea Box C #1
I was so excited last night that my taste was finally back after being sick for 4 days. It was pretty late though so I searched through my “to try” pile for a decaf tea and I immediately grabbed this one at first sight. I love love love the christmas season and love gingerbread men. After steeping I was sceptical because I wasn’t getting that aroma of freshly baked gingerbread cookies. And the taste confirmed my theory…this is just a GINGERY tea :( I definitely went to bed sad. I hope I find some goodies in herr that I LOVE.


DT’s sugar and spice is pretty good….. a solid spice cake taste, very autumnal!

BrewTEAlly Sweet

I will have to find some:)


for me david’s teas is really hit or miss, but this blend was decidedly cool. it has carrot in it and very unpredictably it lends credence to there being cake! i wouldn’t have predicted that! nice with sweetened condensed bad behaviour too, lol.

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Thank you to KallieBoo for this sample. I had this yesterday morning and was sooooooo excited. I love the almond flavored teas. However, this one let me down. It was a good oolong base, very nutty. No sign of almond flavor though. Maybe it was just meant to be a nutty earthy oolong.

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I got this from ashleyef in a major swap. I brewed this one up this morning as I was waiting for the Traveling Tea Box C to arrive at my doorstep. Unfortunately having been sick the past few days, I couldn’t smell or taste a thing. I did however hear the mail man pull up to deliver the mail this morning and he usually leaves my packages in the back because I am usually at work when the mail is delivered. Anyways, he was on his way to my back gate when he saw my red nose, puffy eyed, sniffling maniac head pop outside the front door to catch him!(Yes I was that excited to receive it that I couldn’t wait for him to drop it out back, I mean I was saving him time in the long run too!) I was so giddy that I ran upstairs back to bed with my tea in one hand and my box in the other and couldn’t wait to dive right into the box. I couldn’t smell all the joyous flavors as I opened it sadly. Anyways, long story short… I can’t wait to taste all the ones I have set aside.
Anyways, back to this tea. I have been sipping on it all day. An finally at 6:01pm, I can taste it! I can’t however smell it still. I love the flavors. Its like a chocolatey minty surprise. I did add Cream and sugar to help me taste it all since I can taste but not 100% yet. I loved the spiciness the peppercorns added as well. The cute little lip sprinkles were ADORABLE! Anyways this tea was a lot of fun and may just be one that I will need to add to my cupboard sometime soon :)

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Ive been sipping on this one all day. Thank you to ashleyef. Even through my flu I could taste the cakeyness and chocolate through it. I did not however have any white chocolate chips in my packet. I’m sure it would have added a great creaminess for that cream cheese frosting. I liked this… But will have to try it again when I’m not sick. :)


feel better! i got a random eye thing. i think we’re all getting hit with the season change.

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This has always been my go to for my horrid tonsilitis. Still did the job last night. On top of that my flu is coming around. Its better today than it was yesterday. My bosses called last night and told me to take the day off and to not worry about losing hours that they will help me. That is such a blessing for a independent college student like me working a full time job. I love my job and even better yet I am blessed to have such amazing bosses. That means 3 day weekend for me to recover :)


Aww, hope you feel better :) Glad tea helps!!!

BrewTEAlly Sweet

Thanks! I hope this goes away fast!


feel better!

BrewTEAlly Sweet

Thank you Ellyn

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Backlog from 2 nights ago.
My tonsilitis is back. There was no hiding from it with these cold mornings in a bakery. I had this going to bed the other night and it definitely did its job. Put me RIGHT to sleep. I searched all my samples for it because I knew someone had sent it to me, and that someone was ashleyef. Thank you! I did however wake up the next morning at 3.30am for work and was eventually sent home at 10am due to my zombie like features, I caught the flu ontop of my tonsilitis. I slept all day as soon as I got home. Yesterday was a definite blur ha ha. I will rate when my taste is back.


Awww, feel better soon!

BrewTEAlly Sweet

Thank you! I’m trying!

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drank Mint Julep by DAVIDsTEA
206 tasting notes

This is from a swap with ashleyef. My tonsilitis is kicking in again:( probably from my early 4am shifts at the bakery,and when I get there its usually 40 or below so I bundle up for the mornings and shed my layers as it ironicly get over 100 by the end of my shift. Anyways, I immediately reached for this because of the spearmint, but I will not rate this for now because my tatse is off right now but I could definitely FEEL the spearmint. Thank you for this ashleyef I will have to try it again soon.

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drank Carrot Cake by DAVIDsTEA
206 tasting notes

I have to say, when I first found my swap stash with all these lovely fall tea flavors I was so excited and this one caught my eye right away. When I opened it up the smell kind of dissappointed me. The tea looked very fun though. So regaurdless I steeped this one up with breakfsst today. I over leafed on purpose so I would really get the Wow of flavors. The first steep kind of left me hanging. The second steep however I am enjoying. I just wish those flavors were more present. It does have the creaminess flavor from the icing aspect and you can tast the sweetness from the carrots. The coconut and spices however I did lose but I was surprised that the cake taste did coke through. I will have to play around with this tea a little more. Thank you ashleyef for letting me have a great amount to work with.

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So I was going through my swap bin and I found a huge envelope I got from ashleyef and bam! all kinds of DAVIDsTEA and some fall yummies to keep me happy until the Traveling tea box:) (Does a happy dance)
Hmmmmm. So I had a hard 2 steepings of this. Both times I forgot about it and they steeped for farrrrrrrrr toooooooo long. Ridiculously way too long, due to cooking and homework. So, third time is a charm right? I got the steep just right, but unfortunately this tea let me down by the name. Maybe it has something to do with not really liking rooibos. I couldn’t find the chocolate at all. Just cinnamon. Aw man! Thank you for the sample!

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Hi! I am a 20 year-old from Salinas, California. I attended school in Monterey and played softball for my JC. I recently moved to San Luis Obispo, CA where I got a job as a full time baker and I LOVE my job! I have always loved to bake and cook since I was young and actually started my own cupcake business in highschool to help pay for my senior year as well as pay my way through college. Once I moved my cupcake business was put on hold, but I still love what I’m doing now. I love to work with children and hope to transfer soon to a college for child development or family psychology. I would also love to go to culinary school! I have a lot of things I want to do and am determined to do them! I am a huge tea enthusiast. I love to read about tea. Learn about tea. Make tea. Drink tea. Taste new flavors.

I am also very big on reading and always enjoy a good read. If you ever have any reccomendation never be afraid send it my way!

I am really excited to be a part of this tea community and can’t wait to trade tips, teas, recipes and treats!

PM me with any of the above and I can’t wait to meet you all!


(Salinas, Ca ) San Luis Obispo, CA

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