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The very last review of the Tea Infused Truffles form Arbor Teas is the one I was most worried about. As, I haven’t been exposed to very much Lapsang Souchong in my tea lifetime and the times I have it was a strange tea. First off, the smell of the truffle itself embodied the tea and chocolate, smelling like a bitter, high percentage of dark chocolate,but also smelling like pipe tobacco and campfire at the same time. The taste is interesting. Upon first taste,the dark chocolate plays nicely with the smoky and toasty flavors from the Lapsang Souchong tea.

to read a more in depth review of this truffle, check my blog! http://wp.me/pQxcK-92

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I love this truffle. Surprisingly, the Masala Chai Truffle was the lightest of the 6 truffles! This truffle is white on white, and is exquisitely creamy and delicious. The chai flavor is light,which balances very nicely with the lightness of the white chocolate. There is a light spiciness from the chai in the truffle, with subtle flavors of cinnamon,anise,clove and the other traditional flavors associated with chai.

to read more- check out my blog post on this truffle! http://wp.me/pQxcK-8T

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This chocolate was very creamy. The milk chocolate paired really nicely with the matcha flavor. The Green Tea flavor is not over steeped at all and instead taste milky, creamy and a tiny bit bitter, to remind you it’s there! I taste some light green tea flavors of bitterness and astringency, but the sweetness that can be tasted in matcha is also prominent in the truffle, and pairs really well with the milk chocolate!

For a more in depth review go check out my blog! http://wp.me/pQxcK-8g

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This truffle smells fruity and dark chocolate-y at the same time. The flavor is very fruity, tastes exactly like pineapple. The resemblance to the sweetness of a pineapple is uncanny. I also taste some green tea notes on the back end of my palate.

For a more in depth review, check out my blog! http://wp.me/pQxcK-8B

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Upon first bite( more like first nibble! Since I savored these truffles down to the final bite!), the dark chocolate is quite overpowering in the truffle. However,I do taste some light floral notes after the truffle ganache melts on my tongue, which are sweet, soft and remind me of jasmine. The sweetness and floral notes on the jasmine pair well with the dark chocolate, but i would have loved to have the jasmine flavor be a bit more prominent in this truffle. The end notes of the chocolate is where the jasmine comes into play.

for a more in depth review, check out my blogpost! http://wp.me/pQxcK-8o

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This earl grey truffle smells like bergamot and dark chocolate ganache. But, the dark chocolate doesn’t smell as bitter as some dark chocolates, so i think it is a lower percentage of dark chocolate. However, there are lots of dark chocolate flavors, the bergamot flavor almost seems absent and gets lost within the dark chocolate flavor. The citrus is light, and not as overpowering as it smells.

for a more in depth review go to my blog! http://wp.me/pQxcK-8K

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The dry tea of this tea smells like a charcoal grill, with some floral tones mixed in. Honestly, the smell of the leaves can be a little intimidating, but I recommend to go ahead and steep! I started with a 45 second steep and tacked on about 15 extra seconds with each steep. Lets steep the first three cups of Zealong Dark together!

For a more thorough review and a video of a time lapse steep check my blog: http://bit.ly/99Wk4k

190 °F / 87 °C 0 min, 45 sec

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i haven’t sipped on this tea in a while, and i am sipping on it in class and remembering why it is up there in my top favorites. such a delicious tea. floral,sweet and smooth.

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drank Top Leaf by Mellow Monk
190 tasting notes

mmm! sipping on this while carving a pumpkin today! It is really delicious tea, that tastes vegetal and buttery smooth. I am almost out of this tea, and will most definitely have to restock after this sample is finished!

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First impressions of this tea is in the smell. The scent of the dry leaves smells a lot like candy, and smell very sweet. After steeping, the dry leaves and the tea liquor smelled a lot like the Acai Emergen-C vitamin C drink packages. I do not know what Passion fruit smells like, but this tea smelled very sweet, like acai, and had hints of crisp apple and peach in the scent as well.

Check out a more in depth review & a time lapse steep video at my blog! http://bit.ly/9flx7I


I just ordered a sample of this and can’t wait to try it…

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