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So delicious! Queen of Hearts has a subtle flavour to it, which does not overpower the green tea itself. It’s very light tasting, and the added sweetness masks the more grassy tones of green teas. It’s quite nice if you’re looking for a flavoured green tea that is only lightly flavoured, so you can still get the essence of the green tea base.

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This is a great tea for flavoured green tea lovers! At first I was thrown off by how sweet it was, but when it’s steeped nice and hot it is very yummy. Brings back memories of caramel dipped apples – but the healthy version!

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This tea is strange. I know, an odd thing to say in a ‘tea rating,’ but it’s true!

Imagine stepping out into a rose garden complete with flowers that have freshly bloomed. Now take a deep ‘imaginary’ smell in this garden. This is basically what Garden of Eden smells like. Now imagine drinking flowers.

Once you get passed this, the tea is really quite lovely, just hard to get used to as a result of the overpowering perfume scent of the flowers.

If you’re into floral tea and enjoy white tea, this could be a worthwhile trial though!

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This tea is absolutely fantastic and is quickly becoming a new addiction of mine. It’s pretty much the only chocolate flavoured tea that I have tried that I have enjoyed so far. I am a huge fan of green rooibos, so the addition of it to “Super Chocolate” makes it all that more appealing.

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This is one of my favourite teas of all time – there is nothing not to LOVE about it. From the aroma, to the taste, it’s absolutely marvelous. It even looks nice too!

The name says it all in terms of the flavour. This tea creates the aroma of caramel, and has a delicious, nutty taste. As a side note – it’s fun to pick out the chunks of caramel and eat them too.

I used to work at Teaopia, and by the end of it I couldn’t stand the smell of most teas after having to spend the day showing them to customers. Creamy Nut Oolong is one that never got old, and will always be one of my “go to” teas.

I also swear by this one for stomach problems. Though oolongs in general are great for digestion, this one just so happens to help me!

Overall, this is an AWESOME tea for a flavoured oolong, and I highly recommend trying it. Just take a smell of it and you’ll be addicted!

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I enjoy drinking this tea in the morning for a nice pick me up. The hibiscus and apple pieces gives the herbal a pleasant taste. However, I would much prefer this blend without the peppermint, as I’m not a fan of fruit combined with mint. Since the peppermint isn’t that strong I still enjoy this herbal blend, in fact, it is waking me up as I type this !

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This particular Genmaicha has a stronger “roasted-like” flavour than others that I have tried, so it was a great addition to my tea collection.

Though green tea isn’t always my first choice, I’ve always loved the incorporation of the popped rice. I definitely was not disappointed by Argo Tea’s version. Definitely worth trying if you’re looking for a more bodied flavour.

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I’ve only got a few white teas in my cupboard right now, and this is one of them.

Lightly and delicately flavoured, it’s a delicious blend of white tea and berries. Though I’m not one for buying into “super foods/fruits,” like acai, I still enjoy the taste of this delicate white tea. The flavour is definitely unique to acai, as it is no where near as sweet as some of the other berry tea infusions I have tried. This tea is more mellow, with a very mild, almost tangy-like aspect that brings out the powerful, yet delicate, aspects of white tea. Definitely a great choice if you’re into lightly flavoured white teas.

Nursing a cold, I’m actually on my third cup of it right now. Definitely helping with the pain in my throat and the soothing flavour is exactly what I needed!


I have tried it and also loved the flavor. Acai is pact with anti-oxidants. I agree, it does have a soothing affect to my throat when fighting a cold.

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Milk Oolong remains in my top five favourite teas, and I love the one from David’s Tea. From the mythical story about the tea, to the taste itself, this tea is hard to beat. It’s also great for re-steeping, making the initial expense worth every penny.

The greatest part of this tea is that nothing is even added to the tea itself – so the unusual, amazing flavour of the oolong is completely natural. The flavour comes from very specific conditions in weather caused by a rare, sudden change of temperature during harvest.

The smell of the tea itself comes across as a strong milky odor. The taste keeps this milk flavour with some hints of light orchid, a usual characteristic of oolong. To me, this tea tastes like milk and cookies – a delicious combination reminiscent of a shortbread cookie.

Try it – you won’t be disappointed!

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This is by far one of my favourite herbals that I have tasted so far.

When I first tried yerba mate I was thrown off by an unpleasant taste, though after tasting Raspberry Riot I now know this was due to the blend I had originally tasted it in.

The taste of this mate is a pleasant mix of sweet and sour. Even though some may not usually enjoy tart flavours, the lovely taste of the fruits coupled with the green mate would make it difficult for anyone not to like this blend.

This mate is one of my favourite pick me ups. The tart, tangy flavours of the fruit serve as an explosion of flavour and the mate acts as the ultimate mateine/caffeine kick.

Definitely worth trying if you’re into a very flavourful herbal!

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