Oh, this is so so so GOOD!!

There you have it… my first reaction. Now lets examine this more calmly….


No but really, this is some great tea. I received it today, my first ever order from Teavivre. The tea was packaged well. First I opened the big bag and found many little vacuum sealed bags inside with about 7 grams of tea in each. I took out one of those vacuum sealed bags and popped that open to reveal beautiful pearls of green oolong tea in another little plastic bag. I popped that little bag open and smelled the aroma. Aaaahhh… Vegetal, grassy, spinachy… yummy! It smelled great!

I used 2 full teaspoons… about 6 grams of tea in 8 ounces of boiling water for 1 minute. The result was pale yellow liquid with a strong floral scent. Simply divine… If it tastes the way it smells, I’ll be in paradise.

Yes it does. It tastes wonderful… Slightly vegetal and very floral at the same time… I detect orchid and jasmine notes. A tiny bit of astringency tickles my tongue towards the end of the sip and I find that lovely.

I’m enjoying this very, very much.

Boiling 1 min, 0 sec

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It’s been a while since I joined Steepster and I think it’s time to write up a bio.

I’m a stay at home, married mom with 5 kids, most of them grown up. Only one remains with us now, my 7 year old sunshine which I push out of the house to school every morning and it’s not an easy thing to do.

I’m an avid gardener during a growing season and my goal is to grow most of the food we eat and save some for winter too. I’m also an artist and a huge nerd. I read books, I play computer games. My very first game was World of Warcraft (was addicted to it solid for a year, lol), then came Skyrim, Minecraft (with my 7 year old) and few others less memorable along the way.

I began drinking tea on regular basis just over 2 years ago when I decided to kick my morning coffee habit. It wasn’t pretty… I couldn’t function for 3 days straight but survived. A year ago I discovered loose tea and found Steepster… The rest is history.

Some of the staples in my cupboard are Dragonwell green tea, Japanese sencha, Silver Needle white tea, green roobois, darjeeling and pu’erh. I also drink variety of flavored teas for fun and I like to order tisanes and mix them with straight teas for even more variety.

Recently I found out how much I love oolong so will be stocking up on that as well.

There are few other tea lovers in my family: my mom and dad, my oldest daughter, my son and my youngest 7 year old. She loves when I try out different teas and I always have to remember to make enough for her to have a little taste.


Ontario, Canada



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