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I love chamomile and lemongrass, and this is lovely. Somewhat tart, but with a clean finish. Complete flavour – might taste nice with some honey but will save that for next time.

I don’t know if it placebo (we’ll try again another day to check) but I got sleepy about 5 minutes after starting to sip this. This is my first time even hearing about the valerian root, and so far I’m a fan.

The only problem is after having to replace my duvet cover when I spilled tea all over it, I have a strict no drinking tea in bed rule. I want to get in bed so badly because it is making me sleepy, but sleepy me drinking tea in bed equals costly bedding disasters. Hurry up and cool 2nd cup so I can drink you and go to sleep!

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I received this as a sample with my David’s Tea Christmas gift … figured this would be a good blend to try this evening with my new kettle. The smell upon opening was very inviting – vanilla crème. The peppermint aroma was very faint, very subtle. The candy canes were oh so cute. I know some people do not appreciate the “kitsch” of decorated or even flavoured teas, however, I am a sucker. I love blends and I love David’s for their creativity on adding to the visual sense as well as the smell/taste.

The smell upon steeping: A light peppermint crème – definitely picked up on the minty-ness. Very seductive, if that can be used to describe a scent. Why yes, I will drink you tea, don’t you worry.

And now for the taste: Very minty right off the bat – hit much stronger than I was expecting from mild initial aroma. This was followed by a creamy middle, and a lovely tingly lingering mint aftertaste. The taste lingers on the palate and peaks about 15 seconds after finishing your sip. Very nice and rounded.

195 °F / 90 °C 5 min, 15 sec

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I had forgotten about this one – been sitting on my shelf for the last 10 months. Hopefully that didn’t affect the quality but was airtight. Used the last of it tonight. Lovely smoky flavour – a bit bitter at first but gradually changes to a lingering, complex richness that fills your whole palate. Definitely a strong tea – perhaps not one for late at night like I just did. Would be very nice as a midday tea.

Boiling 6 min, 0 sec

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This is my first Davidstea purchase. I like to buy tea when I travel, and this is what I chose to purchase and take home. The glitter was a little gimmicky, but I fell for it. It looked so pretty, and the smell was intoxicating. Not too strong, but definitely a fall/Christmas smell. The orange peel was very subtle. Upon steeping, I noticed it is definitely weaker than I thought, and I used the suggested 1.25 tsp. per cup. It is light, fragrant, but the flavour is a bit weak. It does have a sheen to it, and definitely is on the sweet side. I like it – not sure if I would purchase it again, but will use it up this season, that’s for sure.

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My friends and I call this one the sparkly tea. I find I taste vanilla more than anything plus the sugar makes it sweet of course but I agree that you definitely don’t taste the orange peel much

Tara Peterson

Yes, I definitely got the vanilla as well. It was mild though – I’m going to try again with more tea … I was surprised with how light and airy it was for something that smelled much heavier. I love the name Sparkly tea :)

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Hi fellow tea lovers … Tara here. I did not grow up on tea, but rather discovered it at a local tea shoppe – definitely not the Lipton tea bags we kept around the house when I was a child. I am excited to find this site and share in all of the wonders that is tea.


Encino, CA

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