I happened by the Market Spice shop while in Seattle for a conference. If they would not have had a sample in the store I would have walked right by it. As it happens, this being their trademark tea and all, the samples were present and I was hooked! I literally drank this everyday all winter. For me it’s the perfect fall/winter tea. A few notes:
1) When you open it up and take a big whiff of the dry tea (and yes, I mean BIG- you’ll thank me later) it smells very orange-y.
2) When you steep it-the cinnamon really shines through! It isn’t so overpowering that you feel like you just dumped a Sam’s Club size tub of red hots in some water and washed it down with 3 packs of Big Red, but if you love cinnamon (like myself), then you’ll be in heaven!
3) Yes, the dry leaves do have an oil on them, but don’t let that stop you. It’s simply the deliciousness pouring through the leaves! :)
4) I’m reordering the giant 3 pound bag from Market Spice very soon-only half or so will be mine. I’ve successfully turned on just about everyone I know to this tea.
5) This tea doesn’t really survive to a second steeping (sadly). It’s about the only negative.

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