drank 2018 Turtle Dove by white2tea
121 tasting notes

Dry leaf scent: honey
Wet leaf scent: familiar
Soup color: rich orange amber
Reminds me of: Hot Brandy
Caffeine levels: feels very very very high

The taste of this one is overwhelmingly that of honey for me. Is this normal for sundried whites? I’ve been drinking “moonlight” white almost daily and the difference is certainly very stark.

Just like Hot Brandy, TD comes across as a blue collar energy drink, perfect for people who need to physically work their asses off in the next few hours. I will try to only drink this in the mornings. Do NOT drink this before bed or maybe brew very lightly. I guess 6g is more than I normally make of a tea.

Soooooo caffeine buzzed right now. It is 7:30pm and I feel ready for a 3 hour hike or some sort of dance marathon. Home Depot (where I’m headed next for a thingamajig to fix my dashcam mount) had better watch out. This tea should be called Rabbit Cheetah.

Song pairing: 흔들리는 꽃들 속에서 네 샴푸향이 느껴진거야 – 장범준

Edit: Oh, right, turtle doves are actually one creature [https://www.britannica.com/animal/turtledove]. How did I forget when that song for the 12 days of xmas specifically mentions them? On the 2nd day of xmas my true love gave to me, two turtle doves and a partridge in a pear tree~~ yes yes. Well for one, I don’t believe they ever appear naturally in North America. Anyway, is the tea sweet enough that your true love might give you two bricks or cakes of it for the holidays? Sure. But from the monstrous energy levels available therein, it would seem that your true love might then expect you to do all the snow shoveling and gift wrapping this winter. Or did they mean the all-white domesticated hybrid that magicians are famous for using? I just want answers!

Edit2: What a rabbit hole. Okay. At first, I thought it had to be the magicians because of the turban. But the origin of the W2T Turtle Dove art is an 1800’s (Victorian era) tradecard and advertisement for Hall’s Vegetable Sicilian Hair Renewer
[https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/halls-vegetable-sicilian-hair-renewer-471419639] He cropped out only the lady from “Japan” and kept the other 4 for the brick label. In more recent years, it’s mostly Persia who graces the center of the Turtle Dove cake wrapper.

Edit3: As long as we’re looking up W2T label art origins, Nightlife wrapper appears to be a fun, star-spangled alteration of a June 1914 American Vanity Fair cover, itself digitally restored. [https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Vanity_Fair_June_1914b.jpg]

Edit4: Splendid’s old lady in a bonnet AND spectacles AND shawl are from this 1881 Currier & Ives print. [https://bit.ly/2k1ldOf]

Edit5: Pussy’s woman w/ two cats is a May 1897 cover by Edward Penfield for Harper’s Magazine [https://bit.ly/2kesKcF]

Flavors: Honey

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I’ll not adore every popular tea. Nor shall I always prepare it skillfully enough to do it justice and understand it before the sample is gone. Also, my search is for teas that are delicious now. I don’t know yet what will age well.

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