516 Tasting Notes

drank Ice Cream Cake by DAVIDsTEA
516 tasting notes

It’s not bad, but it’s not that good really…
well, I don’t find myself craving it. It smells out of this world sweet and delicious, but falls a little short on the taste spectrum for me.

A little milk and sugar give it some body and do add to the creaminess of it. Unfortunately because of the amount of scum (delicious scum, but still scum haha), I don’t see as an iced tea. I could imagine little bits of stuff, bah. A teasac might help on that front – but then some flavour would be lost, and I don’t think it could stand to lose any more flavour.

Well, those are my thoughts! It’s tasty, but not spectacular – it’s certainly unique though!

Birthday cake is still my favorite, I should probably stock up before it’s gone.

Edit: on the topic of not cake, I’m doing a video game week on my blog. Anyone here play videos games while they drink tea? I’m an offender! But anyways I want to do an interview with you :D

Dylan Oxford

I definitely have been known to have tea with my video games :)


I can indeed vouch for this. We even have a raid tea. ;)


Oh man. I read your (Missy)‘s comment at first (via email), and out-of-context, all I could think of was ’why on EARTH would someone have a tea based on an insecticide?!’ Haha. Makes much more sense now.


lmao!!!! That’s awesome. :D


I almost exclusively drink tea while playing video games. Two loves combined!

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Thank you again to Teavivre for this sample! :)

At first smell and sip, it almost had the same flavour profile as the fujian black I had sampled the day before – but that thought was immediately swept away when the smokiness crept in. mm it is by far my favourite part of this tea.

It’s a gentle smoke, not too harsh, however I did find the base a bit sharper than I expected. The leaves are quite small, so I may have brewed a bit too long. I do taste a maltiness – that is what I associate with the fujian – but other than that they are very different teas.

I did get some floral notes from the tea – I’m enjoying this very much! There is a lot of depth in this tea that I wasn’t expecting – although it may be a bit too astringent for my tastes, the smokiness is definitely seducing me. I look forward to my next cup – when I’m in the mood. ;)

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Thank you Teavivre for the samples I won on your Facebook page woop!

It’s exciting for me right now – I’m in a place where I’m delving into straight teas more than I have in the past (and not just oolongs, even though they’re my favorite). I found it very exciting when I correctly identified the unmarked tea from my aunt in China as Big Red Robe!
With this tea, I’m discovering what makes it a fujian – and right now for me that flavour is in the realm of pumpkin seeds and caramel.

This particular tea had a hint of savoury tomato in it, which to be honest is not my favorite when I catch that flavour (as I have in many Adagio teas), but after the first steep it settled into a nice, rich, dark profile that I did enjoy.

There’s a little too much malt for me, and the tomato notes aren’t really for me either – but this is a quality tea and I did enjoy my half sample of it. Thank you! :)

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Enjoying this tea after a giant crock pot disaster! I exaggerate, I made a botched recipe of mac and cheese, the ingredients should have made a delicious creamy gooey meal, instead it was greasy, chewy and well.. we ate it anyways and I had to throw the rest out (enough for 4 more meals :( ). The joy and disaster of new recipes.

I knew I needed cheering up and a tummy settling, so immediately I craved this tea. I’m on steep number 7, and just now getting the slightest hint of spearmint notes.

I was naughty… I intentionally used cooler water than usual to coax out all the buttery, sweet corn notes I was craving. It worked better than I expected. Each steep was more flavourful than the last – but mostly just the flavours I wanted. That is manipulative of me o_o But I needed it today.

So yes, now the spearmint notes are coming out and tingling the tip of my tongue in celebration of alliteration. The water was the proper temperature this time, so now I will let the tea take me where it wants to. It’s a delicate balance, but we’ve definitely reached an understanding



:) So cool that you didn’t give up! Glad you found the sweet corn you were looking for!


This is my crockpot guru: http://crockpot365.blogspot.ca/ I love her stuff, and they always turn out so good!

Daisy Chubb

Ohh thank you so much for sharing!
My afternoon is booked with bookmarking recipes now. Much appreciated!

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Phew finally finished a marathon steeping with this tea!
(Okay that’s untrue. I slowly enjoyed it over 2 days and it was wonderful)

I found the 3rd steep to be my favourite – it was the sweetest and creamiest with no hint of bitterness.

And the price for this tea is phenomenal! Thank you Angel and team for the samples, I think you found a new customer in me (and I’ve only tried one sample!)

Full Review here: http://www.daisychubb.com/review-taiwan-jin-xuan-milk-oolong-tea/


I agree with you, this one is very good, economical, and you CAN steep it for days!

Daisy Chubb

I love that! I’ve had some teas not work too well overnight, but this one worked poifectly :)


Ooooo! Want, want!

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LiberTeas sent this one my way so I could have a nice refreshing iced tea. mm and it is!
I definitely agree with her note:
The flavours in this tea are very muted when hot. I had a hard time picking any flavours out, except for the sensation that it was sweet.

Cold however, was a whole other experience! Sweet and tart from the pineapple (tastes fresh!) and juuuicy from the blueberry. I find the flavours are pretty much equal in taste, which is sometimes unique to a flavoured tea! The green base was nice and sweet, not too astringent, which added to the experience.

Ah yum, definitely destined to be an iced tea to remember

Has anyone said it yet? Okay I will

May the Fourth be with you.

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I believe this is my first non flavoured milk oolong.
The flavour is definitely subtle, but very smooth and just the right amount of sweetness.
Vegetal and buttery, light but full bodied. All of this from the first one minute steep!

Thank to you Teavivre for the samples – this is a delicious and high quality tea that is on my list. :)

Full review later! I have many steeps to go :)

(Wooow what an amazing aftertaste. It lingers. I like that.)


Amazing aftertaste is good.

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I would love to take Captain Assam on a date. He’s bold, but oh so gentle.
Seriously though, this is the smoothest Assam I have ever tasted. I expected a kick in the butt this morning, and he delivered caffeine-wise, but taste-wise he was almost mellow. And sweet!

Thank you for the sample LiberTEAS – I have a few cups left and I’m looking forward to them greatly :)

Tina S.

If you find a Captain Assam to date, I’d also be interested! ;)


Romantic and mysterious! Where are you off to?

Daisy Chubb

Excellent, I’ll keep you posted ;)
I do live by a harbour now… you never know.
Although good question Bonnie, I don’t know where we would go. How far to the tropics? haha


Italy? The Med.? Hawaii?

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Wow, this is one of the better coconut teas I have had in a while. It reminds me of the black tea in my coconut cream chai from Tealish, but I love this – straight up.

The coconut flavour is strong and made very creamy from the vanilla. I would drink this as a dessert tea, but as it is, I’m loving it as a morning tea too. But hey, I’ll take coconut all day every day.

Thank you LiberTEAS for the sample! You know what I like n_-

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drank Black & Blue by 52teas
516 tasting notes

mmm! Thank you for the generous sample LiberTEAS!

She recommended this one to be as an awesome iced tea – and it really really is!
The berry flavours are so refreshing, I honestly wished I had a box of blueberries in my fridge that I could munch on while I drank.

Summery and delish – I loved the depth of the blackberry flavour as well. Blackberry and yogurt is one of my favorite snacks, so I might try this tea with some milk next time to see what happens :)

i cold brewed it, which gave me an almost smoky flavour from the tea base. I will definitely try brewing it hot over ice for my next go – I have a feeling it will be a lot more flavourful. I’ll let you know :D

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My favourite tea companies are DavidsTea and Verdant Tea. They please my palette in different ways – and I love them both for it.

I’m back bb!

<3 Daisy


Ottawa, ON [Canada]



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