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Brewed 3 min at just below a boil. No additives. Drank Hot.
O.K. This is a strange flavor to have to describe and the closest thing I can come up with is the sweet smell of burnt sugar. Not how burnt sugar tastes but the smell it gives off.
The blend with an oolong is a great choice because nothing in this blend is at all sharp. From start to finish it is a smooth sweet cup.
And as a note, this tea is wonderful hot, never ice this tea. The coldness brings out all of the aspects of oolong that should remain hidden.

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Brewed 3 min. No additives. Drank Hot.
It’s named correctly. The white tea is surprisingly the dominant flavor with a under current of ginger that lasts though out and leaves a pleasant lingering after taste.
Golden Moon calls this tea “refreshing” and I really would disagree with that. But soothing would be a good word to use.
The flavors are balanced well and this tea can be re-steeped twice with absolutely no flavor loss.

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Brewed 2 min just below boiling. No additives. Drank Hot.
This tea brews dark in color while the taste is light.
It’s ok.
It kinda tastes like they were roasting Lapsang Souchong and accidentally left this in the room while they were doing it. The smokiness is extremely light but it definitely a Lapsang Souchong type flavor.
Other than that it’s a light, non-vegital green tea.
I don’t really go for the smokiness so like I said, it’s ok. I wouldn’t turn down a cup if it were handed to me but I don’t think I’d buy it to have around the house.

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Brewed just below boiling for 2 min. No additives.
Light Sweet brew. If you like finoccio/fennel you’ll recognize the flavor.
This was my first time seeing star anise and they are ugly ugly little plants but, the flavor is delicious.
The white tea and anise are blended with care to make sure that both are present. This tea is kind of like a three course meal. First you get the initial sweetness from the anise followed by the clean white tea and then an after taste of fennel.
Nothing is overpowering. Very Pleasant.
Re-steeped 3 times and retained good flavor in the brew.

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