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Brewed 4min. 1Tsp. raw Sugar. Hot.
This teas flavors are true to the advertisement and even has the subtle starchy after taste of pear. It is very nice even though the honey plays a subtle back ground role to the tea and pear.
My only complaint is that this tea is extremely easy to over sweeten.

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When you picked it up and you look at the ingredients the bottle says on the front… coconut and ginger. Sounds wonderful. After taking my first sip I thought that the tea might have been a bad bottle cause the ginger tasted off… but I looked at the back and the first ingredient after tea is LEMON GRASS… then coconut. No Ginger flavor is even listed as being in the bottle. That’s probably what they had to call ‘natural flavoring’ on the back.
The tea itself is ok. Nothing to get excited over.
But the reason I’m writing this is because the bottle is misrepresenting what is inside…. and THAT really gets my goat.

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Brewed 3 min. 1Tsp raw sugar. Hot.
This is my favorite vanilla tea. Golden Moon has stuck a very nice balance between the tea and the vanilla.
They did this by using a tea that can be called a weaker tasting black tea to allow the vanilla to come out in more prominence than in most other vanilla teas.
Which is awesome for me since I don’t really like black teas that hit you over the head with flavor anyway. There is no tannic bitterness or astringency.
Just a delightful, light vanilla tea.

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Brewed 2 min. 1Tsp raw sugar. Hot.
I don’t know if I like Pu-erhs or not.
This one has a very smooth and round flavor with none of the unpleasantness of “regular” black teas.
But the complexities that puerhs have are ‘strange’ tasting. I’ve heard them described as “earthy” but I don’t agree. In the way that a compost heap does not smell like plain soil; puerhs do not taste earthy.
Puerh is the genre of tea you really just have to try to see for your self because it has such a distinctive flavor.
But, this Pu-erh is excellent in its roundness.

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brewed 5min. no additives. Hot.
A full breakfast blend that does have a bitter bite.
Sugar fixes all of the bitterness and makes this blend extremely enjoyable.

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Brewed 5min. No additives. Hot.
It ends with a bit of astringency and bitter after taste. Is better with sugar but I was hoping I found a black tea that didn’t need it.

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Brewed 3 min. 1Tsp. raw sugar. Hot.
I really think plain earl grey tastes like dish water. I’m not going to say that this tastes great but the lavender really does round out the flavor so it is not so punchy.
It is a better earl grey…

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Brewed 3 min. 1Tsp raw sugar. Hot
The jasmine is subtle enough to be un-offensive which is nice. And the vanilla really rounds out th flavor. If you like Jasmine that is mellow this is worth giving a shot.

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drank MateVana by Teavana
154 tasting notes

Mixed with Teavana’s vanilla honey bush (1/3). No additives. Hot.
This has replaced all coffee in my life… They don’t advertise this combo or mixing it with azteca fire for a good hot chocolate.
This is just a great versatile tea.

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Brewed 5 min. No additives. Hot.
This is a very dark fermented oolong. The flavor comes very close to being a light black tea but it still holds on to the roundness of an oolong without the tannin taste.
I have gotten 4 good infusions per tsp.
It has a good, woody sweetness.

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