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Oh my god, this is the BEST tea I’ve EVER tasted! Please – PLEASE make this a permanent addition to the collection David’s Tea! Please! I love a bunch of your other teas but this tea is just so out of this world amazing that I feel like its in a class of its own.

It is wonderfully floral in a delicious way (think of a light rosewater flavoured macaron). It is just beautiful, perfection. The white chocolate adds a creamy element that rounds out the rose and the base tea for this one tastes better to me as well though maybe it just goes wonderfully well with the other flavours? I don’t know…

Here is what I DO know. If you want to really treat yourself add a bit of cream and sugar to this tea and you’re in beautiful delicious elegant high tea heaven. That is why I served up this tea when I hosted a “high tea” and invited a few girlfriends. I served this up with cream, sugar, some pastries and little sandwiches and also some champagne. My ladyfriends who were not really as “into” tea as I amall became converts to my tea-drinking ways on their first sip. Unfortunately i had to tell them that this tea is pretty unique and in a class of its own so they were setting out for disappointment if they held every other tea to this one’s standard.

Sigh. This tea is an absolute dream. I can’t say enough good things about it. Obviously if you HATE florals maybe give it won’t be for you but all I can say is that I would STILL buy a sample and try it anyways. A lot of people say they hate rose flavours or smells and it’s only because they associated with bad rose perfumes or bad artificial rose flavours. I wear a lot of rose fragrances and people who claim to “hate” rose always ask what I’m wearing and where they can purchase it. I think roses sometimes get a bit of a bad rap so if you think you don’t like rose but you’re open to trying it I would really recommend you get at least a sample. Otherwise you’ll miss out on the most amazing tea, sigh.

Flavors: Cream, Rose, Vanilla, White Chocolate


i was obsessed with this tea too and am so sad its gone

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