Dry leaf appearance – medium-small, wispy leaves, relatively light compression. I’m far from an expert, but it doesn’t look as highly fermented as some ripes either. The leaves are still well-defined and “alive” looking.

Dry leaf smell – date syrup, maple syrup, forest floor in spring, raisins, rye bread, brownies/blondies

Wet leaf smell – cinnamon bun with caramel and pecans, hazelnuts, Nutella, buttery brownie batter, cookies and cream, the slightest hint of coconut

Liquor – a tiny bit cloudy; deep dark with a beautiful brandy-ish red undertone

Texture – quite thick and pretty soft, yet there is an edge to the softness. It’s not quite snappy going down, but it still makes its presence known.

Taste – the earthiness really comes out in the flavour, but it is tempered by a light sweetness that tastes a tiny bit like candied pecans to me; an interesting interplay between sweetness and bitterness

Empty cup – a tropical rainforest smell with a hint of wet pile smell leftover (I didn’t really notice it throughout the drinking process other than this, but for some reason I seem to be immune to it most of the time.)

Mouth finish – it leaves a thick coating on the tongue and palate with a pleasant bittersweet taste that brings a slight increase of saliva production

Wet leaves – of all the different mini-cakes, this one seems to separate the most easily, and it is mostly nice, full, healthy looking leaves. Though I don’t really know what I’m talking about, I stand by the earlier statements I made in the dry leaf section.

Body feel – this tea has a very light, chill energy, which makes it a great morning tea, because who wants to get slapped in the face with an overpowering with first thing in the morning?

All in all, this is a solid shou, though I admittedly prefer others like Waffles and Smoove Cocoa. It’s the least sweet of the three, so it’s probably better for those who prefer a bit more bitterness in their ripes. Either way, it’s worth a try, and I am a huge fan of all the W2T mini cakes. They are perfect for travelling teaheads.

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Disclaimer – as I am still very much a learner, my reviews are going to reflect that, so please bear with me. :)

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